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    Update: Xbox One E3 Demos May Have Been On Windows 7

    Found this on cinemablend, . I see no reason why he'd lie but we'll see.
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    Buy Minecraft, Get More Minecraft

    It was just for the past weekend as far as I know ... =/
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    Buy Minecraft, Get More Minecraft

    Would had been nice to see this when the offer was still up <_< , a great incentive to get people to split it down the middle (and in doing so barely spending anything on a great game)
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    Woman seduces teenager via Xbox Live

    I have to completely agree with Zekksta. 0.- TonyCapa if the age of consent didn't existed I doubt we'd actually have a next generation <.<. Consider a world where parents didn't tried to protect their parents from anything, thinking that from birth they are ready to face anything... aside...
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    Apologize on behalf of your country

    I'm sorry for the abomination called "Perreo" and Reggaeton music ... I honesly didn't think that would survive ... but it did D= (its just awefull ><) And just in case, since that's not tecnically from the country as a whole... I apologize for the collective insanity as a whole of our...
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    Dumbest Reason(s) for Hating a Game?

    I actually had people look at me funny just because I don't mind the graphical style of the game... Every single time I'm playing something remotely "cartoony" people say its a kiddie game... even when its T or M rated.... Another one is because it has a story O.o . . . (So its bad that a...
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    Preview: DC Universe Online

    Will you need playstation plus after the official release? Or can those that just pay for the game play fine without it?
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    First thought in your head when you see a hot girl

    A) I'd think something like , "She looks attractive, chances are she's out of my league xD" B) Wonder if she's nice or if we'd have anything in common, move on and then disregard the weird stares I get from said person Why do I get stared? ... Good question, I have no idea why most girls just...
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    Stolen Pixels #223: The Expensive Dimension

    I'm not really a big fan of 3D with the whole affecting your eye in unnatural ways to get you to see it ( it's what causes the headaches to some people)but it was an interesting comic none the less. Btw if what other people have said are true then Happy Birthday =D
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    Rumor: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Coming Soon [UPDATED]

    I can't help but face this with skepticism but the idea of a MvC3 is too tempting to ignore, as for the trailer if the content is real, then it would be safe to assume that the characters in the Logos' shape will be in it. Personally there's a few I would love to have them included in the mix.
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    Does your name mean something?

    Username/xbl/psn - its mostly a variation of my first name altered a bit.(I've been told there is a character with that name, but since I see no evidence, I have yet to believe) As for my name it basically means free man, priceless, alligator and sun. Another thing I doubt my parents...
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    Doing Sex to Me

    Depends on where the spanish is from, in the case Im pointing out it can be said as "Porfavor toma asiento"/Please take a seat. But the word "toma" can be use as a slang to drink.
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    Poll: Which Fictitious Foot Soldier Would it Suck to be the Most?

    Well at least he gives moral support to the troops.Just you know, from a safe distance... Wouldnt wanna get too much blood on my outfit.
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    Poll: Which Fictitious Foot Soldier Would it Suck to be the Most?

    This kinda of reminded me of this: , tell me Im not the only one who ever thought this might have happened in other "Evil" Organizations.