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    Poll: Best Zombie game ever, no matter the genre?

    State of Decay is perhaps my true favorite zombie game out of the many out there, but from your list, I chose Dead Rising. Love the tone, love the time limit, love the variety, just a whole lot to love.
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    Poll: Was the Mass effect 3 ending that bad?

    Oh, that ending was terrible, no butts about it. It's not just the fact that you got there through three binary choices, what the ending tries to say is ridiculous. The Reaper's motivations are ridiculous, and are made even more pointless by the fact they had the means to fix all of their...
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    So is the Escapist dead?

    You know sometimes I wonder what Yahtzee's feelings about the Escapist's dying state are.
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    8 Superhero Video Games that Don't Suck

    I find it very interesting you put Arkham Asylum and City on the list, but not Arkham Knight. ...which I greatly appreciate, I do not care for the third game in that trilogy (not counting Origins.)
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    One Hour Video Game Review?

    I would disagree with this. There are many games that can drastically change past an hour and turn into something better or worse than the original hour would suggest.
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    Historical RPG Expeditions: Viking Available Now

    I was super excited for this game, but only just learned that it was not going to have a Mac release alongside the PC version. Obviously it makes sense why they would wait on a Mac version (smaller sales from it, longer development time, ect), but since the first game could run on Mac, I can't...
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    Nier: Automata Impressions

    I beat Nier Automata a little while ago, and I am still constantly thinking about the game. Really loved the experience, the smooth gameplay, the story, the sheer amount of experimentation both allowed to the player and from the game itself. I'm glad that it's getting generally high praise from...
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    Zero Punctuation: Nier Automata

    Thanks for bringing that up, I just edited out your quote to better hide it. And considering that people new to the series might want to go to the original Nier before checking out Automata without spoiling anything for themselves, I think that in this particular situation keeping the spoiler...
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    Zero Punctuation: Nier Automata

    1. Might want to use the actual spoiler tags, friendo. 2. Without revealing much, Nier Automata explains the connection between the it and the original Nier. EDIT: Got rid of the exact quote so I could hide the spoilers a bit better.
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    Objective opinion needed: Should I give up Soulsborne?

    I still think that if you just take things slow and be patient, you really can handle these games. All I really want to know is, why couldn't you beat the Taurus Demon? That boss has a built in way to beat him easily in the form of the ladder you can use to drop down on it.
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    Am I supposed to know how to play "This War of Mine"?

    You should go into the game mostly blind, but in case you do need some direction for how things work. I love This War of Mine, and have played it enough to figure out most of it like the back of my hand and beat it with relative ease. It is a solid experience no matter how much you know, but...
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    Dark Souls 3's DLC Will (Probably) Mark the End of the Series

    I'm totally fine with Dark Souls finally concluding. I think 3 gave Dark Souls a perfect ending, and unlike a lot of people here, I do think the three games made an excellent trilogy (well, two great games and a pretty good one in the middle). But now it's time for FromSoftware to work on others...
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    Silent Hills P.T. Spiritual Successor Allison Road Cancelled

    While it's sad that Allison Road is cancelled, I can't lie, I'm not too upset about it. I loved P.T., I really did, but I'm hoping for a spiritually successor to Silent Hills, not P.T. Allison Road was clearly a successor to P.T., and I doubt that Silent Hills would have been too similar to P.T...
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    Dragonball - Evolution Writer Apologizes to Fans

    I gotta admit, I love it when a creator can admit that they didn't do a good job on something.
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    How often do you replay games?

    I'm honestly not someone who replays games often. I love playing games, but once I beat one game, I usually want to move onto another one, and don't feel the need to go through something I've already experienced. Exceptions come from games with a great deal of replay value, such as different...