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    Black Mesa Website Starts Mysterious Countdown

    There's a neat-o picture of the g-man when I open the console in firebug ^_^ (inspect element -> open the 'console' tab -> and there he is). I'm wondering if there isn't anything more interesting tucked in the code someplace.
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    Poll: Do you REALLY cry over Games,TV shows?

    Never over a game, UNTIL I saw the trailer for Kara. It's not even a fucking game yet (or ever, in development), but the concept is so horrifying and sad at the same time, I got a bit choked up.
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    Awesome In Media, Terrifying In Real Life

    Just about anything that goes "boom". F'r instance: in Ang Lee's Hulk there was a scene where they dropped cluster grenades on Hulk. A harmless sounding little "pop" followed by a hundred-ish booms that herald shockwavy, shrapnelly death to everything in the kill zone (except the Hulk of...
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    The Big Picture: The Fall of Kevin Smith

    bro do you even watch (movies)? j/king, it is an insane movie involving surfing and nazis, and it is a spectacle to behold. :)
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    If you could have any fictional vehicle, what would it be?

    All of the listed ships are cool and all, but I would prefer the Silver Surfer's Board. Mostly because I would need to be the Silver Surfer to own/operate it. ^_^
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    The Exorcism in Indiana - What in the Hell Happened?

    have you seen the Key of Solomon or the Sword of Moses? You might find those interesting if you have the time around your other studies (assuming of course that you haven't already seen them).
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    The most fun PSP games anyone have any suggestions

    Patapon was pretty much one of the few reasons why the PSP ever interested me. :D In all fairness though it was pretty good at what it did.
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    Scary Movie, pl0x

    Thank you!
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    Scary Movie, pl0x

    So... I need a movie that will make me regret turning the lights off... In broad daylight. Any suggestions, gentle Escapists? I would really appreciate it.
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    A Game to Restore My Faith in Games?

    Psychonauts is a great game if you haven't decided on one yet :)
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    Why are they lying about food ?

    In the US: The label on the front can say anything. The ingredient list cannot. Read the ingredients and you will know what you are getting into.
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    Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles Of Mystara Adds New Content

    Huh... I get one more chance to get my face chewed off by Ezerhorden... DO WANT. This game is probably the best translation of basic DnD available. Tons of Easter eggs, secrets and a plays really well besides (the magic popup menu for items/spells was genius). Absolutely worth $15 if they...
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    Most likeable celebrities?

    Steve Martin. He seems like a gentle soul who would enjoy a nice evening of music and fun. :) Hulk Hogan as well; for the same reasons, but on a different spectrum.
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    The worst and most pointless weapon in any game.

    Silver Surfer for the SNES. Any attack was almost pointless unless you had a controller with rapid fire. If you had a rapid fire controller, then the attacks became semi-pointless. ;p OH, and the starting pistol in Clive Barker's undying. That think was awful (that said, that was probably...
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    Recommend me some older games (I've only known current gen all my life)

    Well, all of the above suggestions are good n all, but until you've played Space Invaders, you haven't really lived. Also, the Capcom Dungeon and Dragons side-scrollers were amazing.