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    How much LP footage did Anita Sarkeesian "steal", exactly?

    I wouldn't say she stole the footage. I would call it plagiarism. The real problem at hand is that she tries to pass her videos off at the academic level. If I was writing an academic paper, any pictures used I would have to give credit to the creator, the same goes for video. If credit is not...
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    Police brutality, how should it be handled?

    Would you mind posting a link to the video in question? You should just record the whole incident and report them. However most videos I've seen of so-called police brutality is just the suspect getting fucked up trying to resist arrest. Also, most cops are good people just doing their jobs...
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    Gone Girl and When Good Movies Happen to Bad People

    Well someone gets it. I don't believe many people would really like this film because it somehow re-enforces everything they believe about women. In fact I'm pretty sure more people on Bob's side would hate it and try to call it out as patriarchal propaganda. The book raised some interesting...
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    Escape to the Movies: Gone Girl - Fantastically Suspenseful Thiller

    The fact that you are trying to defend Amy's actions is the most terrifying part of this review. It speaks volumes of who you really are as a person.
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    Gone Girl and When Good Movies Happen to Bad People

    Bob can you please just write one review or article without attacking one group of people. The author wanted to show that women can be just as evil as men and had something to say about modern media and modern feminism. You seem to also not realize that some feminists will completely...
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    What game made you fall in love with gaming?

    While I can't pinpoint one exact game, the games that impacted me the most were - Doom - Halo - Silent Hill 2 - Ratchet and Clank - Medal of Honor: Frontline - Morrowind - Spyro - Crash Bandiccot
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    Good Scenes In Otherwise Mediocre Films/Comics/Etc?

    The part near the end of World War Z where they're having to quietly sneak around the zombies and it actually felt tense and exciting, instead of boring like the rest of the film.
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    Watch Dog metacritic reviews

    it's simple, the game pissed people off before it was released. This happens all the time because us gamers are really fickle and easy to anger. I find critic reviews to be more accurate because they have a sense of professionalism and you can at lest trust that they played the game. User...
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    What would be your perfect E3

    Microsoft: Halo:ODST 2, Crackdown 3, Rare becoming Rare again, New IP that isn't kinect, Jade Empire 2, Alan Wake 2 Sony: Resistance 4, Jack 4, Spyro by insomniac and Crash by Naughty Dog Ubisoft: Beyond Good and Evil 2, Assassin's Creed in the Russian Rovolution, Rainbow 6, New Prince of...
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    Are There Groups That You Shouldn't Criticize?

    Pretty much any group can and should be criticized. If your not attacking someone on their sex, race or sexual orientation then nothing should be above reproach. Criticism helps to advance society, if no one called out people on there stupid ideas and behaviour we would have never gotten out of...
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    Does the resolution and framerate matter to you as a gamer?

    Resolution is not really important for me and as long as the framerate is constant and at least 30fps I really couldn't care less. Aesthetics is more important than graphics, I would rather play a game with a better story and glameplay that ran at 720p and 30fps than a game with bland gameplay...
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    Alternate history scenarios you've never seen that would be interesting to explore

    What if Hitler never got into politics? What if Napoleon was never defeated? What if USA never bombed Japan to end WWII? What if the Dutch decided to colonize Australia? What if the Russian revolution failed? What if the English monarchy never returned to power? What if the people of...
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    I used to dislike Anita Sarkeesian, but...

    She completely lost me during her second video when talking about the player having to kill or harm a loved one as part of the damsel in distress trope. Firstly it is the ol' yeller tope, it's meant to horrify to player by making them kill someone they love because it is the best alternative...
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    Favorite handheld games

    Pokemon(any), Metroid Fusion, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, Advance Wars
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    So how long do you play a game , before you decide you don't like it?

    I like to give a game a couple of hours of gameplay time. If the story or gameplay hasn't made me want to continue after 2 or 3 hours than I will usually refuse to give it any more of my time. I don't accept that it gets better later as an excuse for a crap game like FFXIII. The last couple...