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    Rape Games Banned in Japan

    This issue is really a double edged sword it depends on how you look at it. I'm not condoning rape nor would I ever play RapeLay (and other games of the sort) but it's goes far beyond that its not a matter of content its a matter of principle. If you are going to ban games that contain rape I...
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    JRPG dudes look feminine because asian dudes look (somewhat) feminine

    OP has obviously never been to Japan. Seriously if your talking about JRPG's as far as character designs with men looking like women its more because of art style and art direction rather than an interpretation of reality. If you seriously think you can go to Japan and not be able to tell a...
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    145: Konnichi wa, Nihon!

    wow im gonna see a lot of TL:DR but whatever. -Rant on- I think the misunderstanding with this article is the use of the word Otaku and how its meaning in Japan and its meaning in North America are totally different. Otaku is almost a term of endearment now in North American anime circles...