133: The First Steps to the Holodeck


don't upset the insane catgirl
Apr 11, 2009
As someone with relatively low self esteem and problems relating to the 'real' world already, I'd say a holodeck is pretty dangerous.

But only in so far as it matters what happens in the 'real' world.

If you still need to work, still need food that the virtual environment cannot provide...
Still need to interact with the 'real' world, then this is going to be a pretty bad thing.

Even then, if it becomes widespread, it could threaten the species. But really, does that even matter? No species lasts forever, and going out of your way to ensure it does is futile.

Then again, I see little value in the 'real' world over a virtual one beyond the fact that it (currently) is a more effective illusion.

Reality is dull, irritating, and (to me), holds very little inherent meaning, so replacing it with a virtual world isn't likely to change much in that regard.

Of course, holodecks (compared to the alternative, matrix style brain interfacing) impose a specific limitation that most people probably don't consider:

By virtue of how a holodeck works, you can have (near) absolute control of your environment, but, you cannot change anything about yourself.

You cannot change your body in a holodeck. Or your mind. (at least, not in a direct sense).

Still, my opinion is no more than that. An opinion.

It's bad, only in so far as it matters what happens to the human race. And I don't think much of anything truly matters all that much in the grand scheme of things.