#162: Favorite Flavor


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May 25, 2009
Elvis Starburst said:
Glowing blue eyes really set people off!
I prefer glowing orange eyes, but a blue-eyed gal with a gun and a smile is a hard thing to top [insert joke about sexual positions].


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Jan 29, 2010
Oh shit. The crystals pulled an Appleseed. Humanity is doomed.

That aside, I'm still curious about why Erin Gunny and Rad got recruited by the Crystal of Light to stop this. Perhaps we'll be seeing a heroic rescue by the Crystal of Light later?


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Jul 26, 2008
Borty The Bort said:
Caramel Frappe said:
That last panel ... I knew it. The only thing I wonder is, how can Rad & Fluttershy deal with the mind controlled masses?
Plot twist: Sephiroth wannabe ends up saving the day because he somehow resisted the crystal's influence maybe?

At this point i'm very curious as to what can be done to save them. Good comic as always.
I'm rooting for CEO guy to have a contingency plan for no other logical reason other than a way to progress the storyline. Like a rocket-powered escape pod attached to the bottom of his desk, or a device that makes everyone go to sleep for approximately 25 minutes, just enough time to escape the building. CEO guy has this in the bag, hands down.

Also, that revolver Erin is holding is going to absolutely nothing. This is a JRPG remember, bullets do nothing. At all. And all the crystals have are guns, with exceptions to Gunny(who has fists) and the other guy who I have totally forgotten. I'm bad at names, alright?
Nah man, that's a cutscene gun. Even one shot will kill you like this.


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Feb 4, 2009
The Rogue Wolf said:
"And boobs? Boobs are freakin' sweet. We never knew what we were missing out on."
Until you walk into a door, or roll over badly in bed, and then hurt like hell. At least the 9 months on progesterone.

And then finding the right outfit that doesn't feel like you're swimming in it, or crushing your bust like it were designed for a Japanese teen.

Like all things they're okay... until they're not.