204: Rhythm and Rhyme

Darius Kazemi

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Jul 9, 2007
Rhythm and Rhyme

Fans of rock and pop music have literally dozens of rhythm games to choose from. So why have music games left hip hop out in the cold? Darius Kazemi looks at the design problems involved with creating a compelling hip hop music game and how the right developer could solve them.

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Slayer of Bothan Spies
Sep 28, 2008
I don't know if any of the solutions would really work, because a large part of freestyle is not to think one or two lines ahead, but an entire verse ahead. It's not something that can come to everyone.

It's almost like verbal chess, the best players can think that far ahead, the second best group can think ahead quite often, and the worst, well get laughed off the stage, at best.


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Jul 26, 2010
There was one in recent years called Def Jam: Rapstar which i bought, it had potential but the mechanics was a little bit off and the creators made the stupid decision of using the censored versions of all songs.

As a dude who hangs out around rappers and has fooled around with it myself i also have to say one thing about freestyling. It is freakishly hard, even if you are familiar with how to structure structure and deliver lyrics. If you don't know that you are going to sound awful.

That being said i would love to see a game that does hip-hop justice. With careful song selection and finely tuned mechanics it would be possible.