224: The Road to Recovery


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Aug 16, 2009
This article made me realize it's been a long time since I've REALLY enjoyed a game. And that was when I beat Megaman 2. On difficult. With only the buster.

The satisfication after beating boss after boss must've been my best gaming experiance ever. I should go do this with the other Megaman games, too. After I've beaten them normaly.


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Nov 29, 2008
I have binged on 4 games:

Dungeon Siege: The first 3D fantasy RTSRPG I've ever played. (The late 90s left a bad taste in my mouth for 3d).

Neverwinter Nights: & every single expansion pack & premium mod it had to offer. (Lasted half a month).

Baldur's Gate II: It was like playing an awesome game & reading an awesome book at the same time.

Morrowind: If you're in godmode, can you kill every single NPC in the world? Can you jump to the moon? & what kind of hillarious glitches will you see 100 mods installed? A horses ass stuck in a tree? A town summerged in water? Whales & fish swiming on top of islands? (This one lasted a solid month & drove my mother crazy).