263: Multiple Roleplaying Disorder


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Aug 27, 2008
I read Alice and Kev a while back. It was sad to see it go. Such a gripping story, it was amazing to see it unfold the way it did.

I don't know that I've ever been moved in any real way by The Sims when I played it, but I certainly spent enough time playing that it had to mean something to me. At the very least, it makes for a great source of escape from reality, if only for a little while.


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Jul 25, 2010
Thanks for a really great article.

I've always described my Sims playing as "micro-managing" gaming. One of the reasons I like it so much is because I get to personalize and manage so much of my sims' time. That's also one of the reasons I liked Dragon's Age. The amount of personalization in the dialogue choices enabled me to feel like I could really direct the character. The RPG experiences in games like Red Dead Redemption don't appeal to me as much because I feel like I am jumping though the game play hoops only to watch a movie of what is supposed to be my character interacting with people.
For me, the Sims doesn't need an epic "saving the world" element to be fun. Sometimes, just getting kids up and ready for school in the morning can be an adventure. I agree with TheBluesader. It is the time and effort that you put into them that make the big moments in life all the more special.


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Apr 22, 2010
ImprovizoR said:
Why would anyone find it fun to do in a game the same shit they find boring and frustrating in real life?
Playing The Sims isn't really like doing the same thing you find boring and frustrating in real life. It's more like, real life with a comedic twist and a magic wand to amek things go in a far more interesting direction. Most of the things that happen in The Sims hardly ever happens in my life. Yes, there's washing dishes, showering and eating. But there's so much more to the game that makes it unrealistic and fun.

Of course I can't speak for all the Sim players out there. Personally, I have been using The Sims franchise to tell stories since the early days of The Sims 2. I can design their "scenes" and "costumes," get them into the appropriate poses, then take pictures with minimal trouble. Standard gameplay is only fun for me every once in a while, but the game itself is great for making comics and videos.


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Sep 28, 2009
This article has made me interested in playing The Sims, I'd never had any desire to before it. Mayhaps I'll give it a try sometime!


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Jun 28, 2010
Troy Goodfellow said:
(Female Shepard is my canon. Sorry.)
No one ever apologizes for calling Shepard a "he", nor did Bioware apologize for putting a white MaleShep on both the European and North American box art despite the character having no set canon. Be proud of your FemShep.


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Jul 5, 2011
Heh ... The Sims ...

... I admit I have played 1, 2 & 3 ... but never for more than 2 hours in a hit. Usually played as myself. I must say I really enjoyed the initial stages - playing as a bachelor, trying to get some cash together, dates, nice house.

As soon as it progressed to around 70% of your life expectancy I grew bored. I just didin't give a damn anymore, and - as noted in the article - I developed a kind of 'Sim Fatigue' when I had to deal with more than one of the 'herpa derpa floobida wib wub'-gibbering stiffs, so I was never interested in the family/flat mate aspect.

For this reason, one of my all time favourite games remains Kudos 2. Nowhere near the complexity of Sims, but it's wonderful at catching a sense of the yuppie life. They made another game ... Rock Band or something? ... where you played as an aspiring garage band trying to be The Next Big Thing. Both games in dire need of a smart phone version so I can ... err ... 'check stocks' at work.


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May 1, 2012
I like to burn houses in the Sims! One time I got my Sim wedged between a wall and a bed until they defecated on themselves.

With no door leading outside. In the Sims you can create almost anything in personalities, from crazy deranged but smart or crying whimpy sims.

Is the vampire dog still in this game?


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Jan 3, 2010
Torturing Sims is almost as much fun as tortuing Halo grunts, or Mudokons.

Me, I started with the mini-me sim, but that was not really fun. It was more fun to create a life very different from my own.

I created a Vader, and Luke skywalker family in Sims 1, and tried to see what it would be like if those two were not Jedi. I don't know if I got Anakin/Vader right or wrong, but he was a whiny depressed criminal. This was before the new trilogy.

In Sims 2 I created a crackpot team of secret agents who lived out of their base of operations. Had a few love triangles going, and tried to make sure these were the best Sims whenever they competed in the neighborhood. Had a "master of disguise" that I radically changed the appearence of on a regular basis.

I also created two different single parent families, the children of which were love birds for years. Until the girl grew up, because girls mature faster than men right? She went on to have a very successful career as a Chef on TV, and I even recorded her cooking and put the videos on her TV. I was going to have her marry her high school boyfriend, but I really liked her mother's house. I had put so much work into making that house a home, it was too ideal to give up. His place was nothing special either,...

I also had a group living in a Pirate house. That was entertaining. I made sure these were some very colorful characters as well. They really livened up the neighborhood, especially bitter old Grandpa.

This was when I wasn't trying to keep up with the Strangetown neighborhood. I haven't played Sim's 3 yet, probably never will.