3000AD Does Distribution Deal With GamersGate

Andy Chalk

One Flag, One Fleet, One Cat
Nov 12, 2002
3000AD Does Distribution Deal With GamersGate

Derek Smart's Universal Combat [http://www.3000ad.com]series of games along with the developer's future releases.

To celebrate the new deal, GamersGate is offering 10 percent off the pre-order price of 3000AD's upcoming Galactic Command: Echo Squad [http://www.3000ad.com/site/gces/] until March 2. The latest addition to the Galactic Command series of games will feature deep gameplay with stunning visuals that will scale well even to systems that meet only the minimum requirements. The game is slated for released on March 3, with a demo expected to be available around the same time.

The game was previously planned for released via the canceled [http://www.gametap.com]by the distributor on February 14. Announcing the cancellation, GameTap Vice President Ricardo Sanchez said Galactic Command: Echo Squad was one of Smart's "strongest games," but that the company didn't believe the game would be well-received by its audience.

More information about the 3000AD catalog currently on offer at GamersGate is available at www.gamersgate.com [http://www.3000ad.com].


Art Axiv

Cultural Code-Switcher
Dec 25, 2008
Time to revisit the awesomely difficult world of 3000AD. ...
I hope they will make a manual to download.. better be a good one.