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Jul 10, 2006
"I've always been intrigued by games of chance, but I was never under any illusions about winning money in a casino. With the probability skewed so heavily toward the house, I knew I was essentially paying for the privilege to play games of chance.

"But WorldWinner.com would have you believe it's different. Unlike casino games, where you have to be lucky to win (for the most part), WorldWinner stresses that 'the outcome of each competition is determined by the player's skill.' I don't have the chops to make a six-figure salary at a poker table, but after years of the other form of gaming, I was sure I could beat just about anyone in the right game."

Kyle Orland takes a walk on the wild side as a "High Speed High Roller."
High Speed High Roller

Dom Camus

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Sep 8, 2006
No mention in the article of the possibility the author was playing against bots, I notice.

The world of online poker is a constant battle between bots and site operators. Whilst the profits available on WorldWinner are obviously lower, I bet it's a lot easier to get away with cheating too.
May 9, 2007
So far my experience has been great with WorldWinner. I have seen one person so far that I was sure was cheating in some manner. With a few exchanged emails from other players and messages to WorldWinner, he soon banned. The cold truth is, most people are not as good as they think. There is always someone better. I'm quite good at a handful of games, but only excel at one which is my main source of income right now. I won hundreds of dollars on a few games (Zuma/Catch 21/Brickout) until I got to the upper ranks. I just couldn't compete consistently.

WorldWinner gets their money no matter who wins or loses. It's in their best interest to keep things fair so people play more games.

The only thing I agree with in this article is their "comunnity" features lack .. well, a community. It's restricted to email.

Great post until the pimping. Let's refrain from that in the future, please. - Mod