8 of the Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now


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Feb 28, 2014
8 of the Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is filled with a plethora of great TV shows.

Here's 8 of our favorites! Are there other shows you guys enjoy? Feel free to comment below and tell us!

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Feb 25, 2014
Why is the first picture not of the TV show, but of the movie?


The Last Albino
Aug 30, 2010
No MLP:FIM or Dragons: Race To The Edge or Voltron: Legendary Defender or...

Just sayin'.


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Jun 5, 2013
1. Don't watch
2. Don't watch
3. Don't watch
4. Don't watch
5. Don't watch
6. Don't watch
7. Don't watch
8. And don't watch

Would have been better with at least Futurama and MLP. Justice League unlimited and Supernatural are big too.


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Sep 21, 2010
Jessica Jones was "alright." I was not blown away by it or anything but the season had a satisfying ending that almost made the slog to it worth it.

Dollhouse was pretty shitty. It suffered from a syndrome i entitle Whedonitis. I loved Firefly because it's setting was different from a lot of the sci fi stuff out there and it had some wonderful world building but I know given even one more season Whedon would have put so many useless soap opera trope sideplots in there it would have become unwatchable. Instead it was cut out early and left us with what might have been instead of what was bound to happen.

What happened to Dollhouse was a far more dire fate. It was an OK concept and entertaining. But t was doomed after the second season. The network gave him enough notice to attempt to tie up the loose ends. And boy did he try. The last half of the second season was so rushed and incoherent it looked like the aftermath of a bad meth trip. Basically Whedon tried to cram in 4 seasons of cliffhanger nastiness into 2 or three episodes and holy shit did it ever not work. If anyone take the advice of the article and watches it, give it the Firefly treatment and stop at season 1. If you go further, don't say you were not warned.

Watched the pilot of Breaking Bad. It's probably a good show to some kind of audience. I am not in that audience. No opinion on the rest.

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Jul 15, 2013
Wh... Where's Rick and Morty?


Sir?....You disgust me! And have a lovely day! ;)

Netflix makes me sad, knowing that there are so many new good quality shows that I'll never have the time to commit to. Only just recently got around to the final season of Breaking Bad. And it pretty much trumps all other programmes now.