85: Runnin' Down an Out Run Dream

The Escapist Staff

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Jul 10, 2006
"Most modern games rely on overt mechanisms to keep you playing - like cut-scenes, power-ups or in-game money - but Out Run employed a more subtle method. Its main soundtrack, comprised of three songs ('Splash Wave,' 'Magical Sound Shower' and 'Passing Breeze'), was really like no other game music at the time, from the standpoints of both technical fidelity and style. It was this soundtrack that drove you to keep playing, to hear the best part, all the way at the end."
Runnin' Down an Out Run Dream
Feb 26, 2007
Awesome article. Living in California and having similar thoughts on Outrun and it's ability to convey that "perfect world."

Particularly liked that quote on "Last Wave" from Hiro. Absolutely perfect descriptor of that piece of music which I find dream like in its implementation in the game.