97: LEGO Games


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Apr 17, 2007
That brikwars game looks fantastic. I'll need to convince someone to give me a game. I'll also need to dig out my old briks.
Aug 26, 2005
Blockland is "Mostly dormant"? Where on earth did you get that idea from?

They just put out their landmark "retail" release, and often have close to a hundred concurrent players on the servers. There are tons of people on the forums showing off new creations, ranging from a massive space elevator to pirate islands to a reproduction of the Titanic.

There are endless mods to the rulesets, too - everything from "goof around" servers to deathmatches to LEGO volleyball to a "zombies vs survivors" mod. The physics engine is top-notch; I actually watched a group of guys build a loop-de-loop, hop in their lego car, and drive through it.

Of all the Lego software projects currently available, Blockland is by far the most ambitious and the most interesting (and no, I'm not connected to the project in any way, though I did happily plunk down $20 for the retail version). The tiny blurb you gave it here doesn't do it justice in any way, and smacks of a last-minute inclusion. It's poor reportage, plain and simple.