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Joel Soh

New member
Dec 17, 2010
1. Do you think that reading reviews for new games or checkign review scores on Metacritic affects whether or not you'll buy a game?
Yes, but only slightly.

2. Why?
Reading reviews on games are just that person's opinion. The thing is, not all people have similar tastes in video games. I'd take the score into account, but I'll ultimate make the decision myself.

Let's take Final Fantasy XIII for example. Around the internet, I've certainly heard bad things about it, dislike of the characters, linear play etc. That didn't stop me however, and i sat through that game from beginning to end and quite enjoyed it.

3. Do you pay attention to the Banners you see on the Websites?

4. If not, why?
I try my best to block advertising at all costs. As far as I'm concerned, a banner should be the link back to the home page on a website.

5. Do you read advertisements in Magazines and Newspapers?
No. Again, ads aren't something I like

6. Do you think good advertising makes you more likely to buy a game?
Advertising itself makes a difference whether it is good or not because it increases awareness. So, yes I suppose!

7. Why?
Increased awareness of the game, allows the build of hype and promotes discussion.

8. Do you pay attention to In-Game Advertising?
Not a chance! As bad as web ads blocking your screen.

9. Have you ever bought a game purely on the basis of information you found on it from it's website, a store page about it or advertisements for it?
No, generally the information I gather isn't from it's official site. More on communities such as GameFAQs. It isn't till after that I go visit the official website for information.

10. If so, why?

And I like cookies! :):)