AbleGamers Lab Seeks to Assist Special-Needs Gamers

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
AbleGamers Lab Seeks to Assist Special-Needs Gamers

The AbleGamers Lab will be equipped with cutting-edge gaming hardware and assistive technology to help special-needs gamers find optimal playing setups.

Founded in 2005, the AbleGamers Foundation is a non-profit charity organization dedicated to bringing accessible gaming to disabled players. It serves as an advocate organization and provides information and reviews on games and assistive technology "aimed at helping individuals with disabilities make educated purchases." And now it's taking that mission one step further with the first-ever AbleGamers Lab, located at the organization's headquarters just outside of Washington, DC.

Equipped with "top-end gaming devices and cutting-edge assistive technology," the AbleGamers Lab will allow players with special needs to find gaming setups that best suit their specific requirements. "I'm proud to announce that this dream has become a reality," AbleGamers founder and Director Mark Barlet said. "We already have our first appointment scheduled and will continue consulting with special needs gamers as quickly as we can. It is, has been, and will always be our primary goal to empower and enable any gamer with disabilities to play videogames."

"It's all thanks to the community," added AbleGamers COO Steve Spohn. "We have had a tremendous outpouring of generosity from the videogame industry and community over the last year. These amazing donors have enabled us to begin consulting with gamers one-on-one to figure out the exact equipment each individual needs to get back into the game."

AbleGamers Lab consultations are by appointment only but completely free, and typically last one to two hours, although they can run longer depending on individual needs. If you're in the Washington area and want to schedule an appointment, you may contact the AbleGamers Lab at [mailto:[email protected]].



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Jan 23, 2011
Nice to see something like this. We aren't often thought of. Some companies actively make our experiences harder *glares at Nintendo*.


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Aug 2, 2011
Quick question: By disabled, are they talking mentally or physically? The words "Special Needs" implies mental, I'm not sure...


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Jan 19, 2009
saintdane05 said:
Quick question: By disabled, are they talking mentally or physically? The words "Special Needs" implies mental, I'm not sure...
The words "Special Needs" applies to anyone who requires considerations beyond that of a "normal" person due to disability.

My sister has special needs, and she's both physically and mentally handicapped. It covers both.

OT: I like this. I wonder how much "business" they get?