Activision Announces Call of Duty: Black Ops


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Aug 30, 2009
Mortagog said:
Mcface said:
Well you make an argument, with no argument.
They have never come close to what? Sales? That's all IW has over them, is sales. And sales mean shit in terms of quality. MW2 proves that.
Oh stop arguing bloody semantics. Quality was implied was quite clearly implied. All IW games have superior gameplay, level design, graphics, voice acting and animation compared to anything Treyarch has ever done.
Superior gameplay?
So no guns having recoil is good design? Unlimited carpackages throughout the entire game is good?
Noob tubes with the explosive perk killing people that are standing no where near it?

The entire selection of sniper weapons being sniper rifles, yet you constantly get hit markers is good gameplay?

20 different unbalanced kill streaks?

Spawn killing/base raping with chopper gunner and the A10?

Level deisgn? You mean horribly unbalanced levels where one side has the obvious advantage and almost always wins? Have you ever played COD 4? Shipment? Scrap Yard?

And IW had 50 cent do voice acting for the rangers on MW2.

next please.

EDIT: Forgot one! Animations, right.

you call how he runs and generally does everything else is good?


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Dec 21, 2009
Mcface said:
I'm not talking multiplayer here, I haven't been able to give a rats ass about the mp CoD. Although I would appreciate proof of how Treyarch did anything of the shit you listed better.

Next etc...etc...