Addicted to Dark Souls

Dec 10, 2012
Now, Dark Souls is a fantastic game for the most part, I will never say otherwise. Anyone who likes that kind of game should play it, and I blame no one for enjoying it, not even the aggressive fans. But it's not my favorite game at all, and there are many other games I enjoy and play as much or more.

But Dark Souls has a hook in me somehow, one that I can't even see. Any time I stop playing it to get into another game, after a few days I feel it tugging at me. Even when I don't want to play it anymore, I want to play it some more. No other game does this to me. I can only imagine this is what heroin addicts feel like.

Maybe it's because there is really no other game quite like it that I've played, but for some reason I keep coming back for more Dark Souls. I even find myself thinking about it a lot, and I'm always excited to talk about it with anyone, from fellow fans to vehement haters. It's a weird relationship I have with that game.

So, can anyone else explain what I'm feeling here? You all must have a game that keeps dragging you back, even against your will. What is this phenomenon?


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Aug 13, 2009
Maybe it's because not one playthrough is the same as the previous. If you decide to use a different weapon, your playstyle and approach to enemies will differ drastically. Also despite having predictable AI, sometimes the encounters do not go as planned. No matter how pro you think you are, you can never predict the outcome of things in these Souls games.

I am pretty sure that is why. Dark Souls is truly dynamic.


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Sep 20, 2010
I have probably 200 hours on the first game, and slightly less on the second one. Played DkS2 for 60 hours over the first four days or so. DkS is an incredibly addicting experience. ¨
I am already in super hype mode for Project: Beast

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Feb 3, 2013
I have been playing it for the first time recently (prepare to die edition PS3) and am just about to finish probably have a few hours left and I have mostly enjoyed it. It plays very much like Demons Souls only a bit more forgiving with way better world design and slightly worse monster design.

I dont think I will be replaying it though but who knows it dosent feel quite as fresh as Demons Souls did but thats to be expected it is a great game though and apart from a few fights and places I have enjoyed most of it just like I did with Demons before. I look forward to playing Dark Souls 2 later this or next year.

I liked the DLC parts the best the Artorias fight is my favourite in the game so far and Ciaran was also a great battle shame about the Sanctuary guardian and Kalameet didnt enjoy those even though they were quite easy havent faced Manus yet hes next.

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Apr 18, 2020
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I absolutely love Dark Souls. I borrowed the first one from a friend of mine, started playing it, talked to him a week later and basically told him "'re not getting your game back." Played through the original 3 times with 3 completely different characters and play styles and each play through felt unique and interesting because of the different skill and weapon combinations (first play through was a dex build with a focus on curved swords and pyromancies, second was a strength build that only used greatswords and ultra greatswords with no shield, and the third was a magic playthrough where the only melee weapon I used as a longsword).

I'm playing through Dark Souls 2 right now and loving the hell out of it. It's different from Dark Souls 1, the world doesn't connect together nearly as well, but I'm really enjoying a lot of the convenience features (like being able to warp to any bonfire from the beginning of the game, and the fact that all the menus can be used with a mouse) and trying to figure out how the lore ties Dark Souls 1 and 2 together.

I totally understand the addiction feeling. I can put the game down and not play it for a couple of days, but I always get the itch to come back and play a little bit more within 72 hours. I think it's in part because of the way that enemy encounters are set up and how you get to try different tactics over and over again, and each encounter feels fresh and unique with each play through even though the enemies are always still positioned in the same place and you always know what's coming up. That, and the fact that the lore is just fun to think about and piece together in your head really makes it difficult to stop thinking about the games.


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Jul 16, 2013
Dark Souls is one of my favorite games ever precisely because it carries with it that "just one more playthrough" mentality, what with all the different classes, weapons, playstyles, and other variables that make no two playthroughs truly alike. Sometimes I'll just get the idea in my head for a build, spend a few minutes on the wiki confirming my plans, and then go try it out, sometimes I see the build through to the end, other times I decide it's just not working for me and try something new.
I mean, this is a game that kicks you to new game plus the second the credits roll, From Soft knew EXACTLY how much replayability Dark Souls has, and I wouldn't have it any other way.