After Arkham City, Rocksteady May Fly With Superman


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Nov 20, 2009
Superman... Sorry, its a serious case of Do not want!

As many others have already more elloquently stated hes not a well designed char. Hes far too overpowered, and his only real flaw is his Hulkhoganism where he essentially plays damaged to start slowly building up steam and momentum to finally overcome his foe with some new found strength he never knew he had.

I mean you could hypothetically build a game around superman, but really it wont be as good and it certainly wont be well received. It also baffles me why media keeps trying to cram superman down our throats after we have repeatedly rejected the notion at every opportunity since the 80s incarnation. Just let it be.


No if Rock steady wanted a new hero to work with, their best bet would be green lantern. GL is about the second strongest character (not superhero, but persona) in DCs stable behind batman. You have plenty of lore to work with, A cool but not entirely overpowered ability set, Multiple incarnations of green lantern so plenty of angles from which to approach it from, and from a gaming standpoint a lot of interesting ways to utilize the ability set in an interactive context.


Stevo92 said:
Superman would be pure meh

How about Batman Beyond since there hasn't been a game based on that....
I would love this notion and to a degree it makes some sense. It allows you to utilize Conroy without Hamil being one of the most prevalent. Some of the beyond rouges gallery also have yet to be fully defined so it gives rock steady a great opportunity to expand on these ideas.

With all that said, there is one massive thing that would hold that idea back. Your talking about a char who had a 3 season animated series, 1 episode in a second animated series, and two short lived comic book runs equating to less than 50 comics. As much support as it might have from the current generations, it seems more like Beyond makes for a better fit as a footnote in the greater Batman cannon than its own separated entity and with such you have to ask if that is enough to warrant building a game around.


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Nov 2, 2010
I really don't think a Superman game could work. Unless it either drastically differs in gameplay than expected (e.g. the next COD playing like Heavy Rain) or you REALLY tone down his power level, there's no way in which a game in which combat would presumably be a central aspect could be fun. It could only be challenging if you made him weak enough to be potentially beaten by grunts and if you do that then the game would just seem preposterous. Either that or roll out the god-like villains every five minutes or just set it in a city made of Krytonite. Any of the above ideas seem pretty stupid so if there was a good Superman game it would be totally unlike anything I could picture.


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Aug 19, 2008
I feel confident that Rocksteady can pull it off. I mean, did anyone expect Arkham Asylum to not follow the curse of bad/mediocre Batman games? And, if they can effectively pull off the open world of Arkham City, it can be quite possible for them do the Man of Steel justice. I just hope that the simple combat scheme of "one button to punch, one button to counter" can make it's way into Superman's game.


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Apr 23, 2008
I have an idea. How about we not make a superman game?

The character is such a bore. His personality is a bore, his backstory's a bore, the entire character's a bore.

Aren't there other DC characters to make a game out of?


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Mar 28, 2010
Before Arkham City released I went back to B:AA and beat it, got all the riddler trophies and so on. Then I beat Arkham City and are currently in the midst of finding all of the new trophies and solving the riddles. Fantastic games with a ridiculous amount of polish and refinement.

It's just, I for one, have not had enough of Batman just yet. They can do whatever they like of course, just my two cents.