Amazing Games...That You Never Finished?


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Apr 30, 2013
Fallout: New Vegas.

Its a fantastic technical accomplishment that I can respect the crap out of. I just couldn't "get into it" enough to finish it.


Jun 9, 2010
Dirty Hipsters said:
baddude1337 said:
Halo 4, though it's not a great game to me, it's generally considered as such. I dunno, I think the new art style and look for everything put me off more than anything.

As for one I actually like, I poured like 30 hours into Dark Souls 2 in a short span, and now haven't touched it in a few weeks. Really need to go back and play it. Hell, I still actually need to beat Demons' and Dark 1, I got stuck in both of those on bosses very near the end so sorta gave up and never went back.
Which Dark Souls 1 boss did you get stuck on?
I believe it was Old King Allant. I managed to get past the dragon beforehand with ease but he himself always just wrecked me. Once I've finished Souls 2 on PC and replay Dark Souls 1 now I've got it again on PC I intend to go back and restart Demons'. Hopefully I can beat him this time round.


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May 17, 2010
FF 12 - After spending DAYS beating the final Mark Hunt, I took a break and lost the pacing. I'm trying to go through it again but it's looking like I'll even get that far. From what I've seen though Vayne is a crappy villain anyway.

Ogre Battle - Once made it all the way to the last level but I was renting it and had to return it that night.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Got stuck on a part where I need to buy a plane or something and didn't feel like grinding.

LoZ Twillight Princess - My game bugged out before I could save and lost a lot of progress, game could be completely broken for all I know.

Disgaea 2 - I've technically beaten it but there's WAY too much extra stuff that requires an insane amount if planning and grinding to get there.

XMark said:
FF12 - Couldn't beat the wall boss in the temple.
Just on the off chance you don't know - if you mean the first one you encounter, you're not supposed to since he's way above what's likely your current level. If you mean the second one, yeah he's annoying.


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Dec 25, 2008
Batman Arkham Asylum.

I was thoroughly enjoying the game, I just removed it from the console after a day of playing it and simply never popped it back in. Not sure why, I just never went back to it.


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May 15, 2012
I buy/play fewer games than other gamers I know, but I spend all my free time on them and play them to death. It's very rare I don't finish a game (unless it's one of the few I bought on super-sale on the loose assumption that I might like it; I usually realize after 2 hours if it's a dud or not.)

Witcher 2 is the only game that springs to mind that I bought full price, that I didn't hate, that I played through for more than a dozen hours yet didn't finish. Something about that game just did not click, even though I'd finished Witcher 1 twice.

I remember when it left me in the lurch: during that section in act II when you're crisscrossing this area with long grasses and getting jumped by - werewolves? Undead? Vampires? Can't quite remember, something technically not-alive and definitely silver-swordy. I had to run around that place like a particularly deranged shopper on Black Friday to finish the various quests, and I kept running into the same bloody mobs again and again and again and again and- I was dipping into my (finite) number of potions every three fight, and it was just sooooo fucking boring. Now Witcher 1 had the same problem in the swamp area in it's second part of the game - and I didn't like it much then either - but I got through that section because there weren't as many quests sending me left, right and center, and because the quests would regularly send me back into town where I could do other shit that did not involve mud crabs.

Nine tenths of the way through that act 2 area in W2, I stepped away to play something else for awhile and never came back to it. I'm trying to convince myself to pick it up again before W3 comes out, and I don't know if I can...If I do, I'll have to have my laptop open with a good walkthrough at the same time, so I can get quests done in the most time-and-travel-saving way I can just to spare my own sanity, and that's kinda sad. Seriously, Projekt Red, for W3, I'm a gonna look at reviews after release and if you've stuffed the place full of annoying perpetually respawning mobs again, you won't see my money until Christmas.


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Nov 19, 2009
Got a good list...

Golden Sun
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Tales of Symphonia

Guess what most of them have in common! Yeah, they're mostly traditional JRPGs. Most of these I've never finished either because there was some boss that I couldn't stand, or that the game time just exceeded what I was interested in. There are a number of games that I've never completed. But these are the ones that either have had large amounts of game time, or end game content, or both. The most I can do nowadays for a game is a day's worth of game time, maybe two. ToS and FFTA set the record for the longest game times I've ever had, with times going up to 60 to 80 hours respectively.

All of the aforementioned games are spectacular in design and have nice colors and visuals. But most of them just dragged on too long for me to even care about finishing them. Golden Sun, however, is currently getting fixed.


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Oct 26, 2009
Solaire of Astora said:
Final Fantasy IX is a wonder of a game. It reminds me a bit of a much more refined version of the FF formula established by FFIV. Which happens to be my favorite one.

Someday I'll sit down and finish the rest of it. I didn't get too far, but I was having a wonderful time.
Please do, it stays great from start to finish!

OT: None actually come to mind right now. I tend to finish games even if I find the meh, but if I think of one then I'll be back.


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Jul 22, 2014
Shim Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor on the DS. I hit a bit of a difficulty curve on the path I chose. So left the game for a bit, can't remember much about how to play it now so haven't gone back to it.


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Nov 6, 2010
Confession: I have never completed the original Resident Evil.

I've played it probably more times than any other single game I can think of, but on all my playthroughs I'd never actually beaten it for myself. I've seen it beaten plenty of times, never done it myself. Not even because I physically couldn't, either. I don't even know why I haven't, I just never got to it.

This is why I've just bought the PS4 release of the re-master. I'm finally beating this thing.


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Dec 19, 2013
New Vegas. The main quest seemed to bug out because I was doing things in a way that the game didn't expect. Then I couldn't actually finish the main quests at all. It's a shame because I had gotten really into the game and it was my second time trying to play through from the start.


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Sep 29, 2014
Lost Odyssey. I think it's a really cool game that tries to explore the actual implications of magic being a real thing that exists. I like the atmosphere. But I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate random battles and dumb encounter rates with a passion that would make Kefka say "Dude, relax."


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Aug 29, 2011
I enjoyed The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass immensely, and I picked it up because of the creative use of the touch screen to do all of Link's commands (which works surprisingly well).

Everything about this game was great; the combat, story, characters, exploration, and bountiful secrets made this a truly great Zelda experience to behold. There is only one glaring flaw to this game, and it's what caused me to put it down indefinitely...

The Temple of the Sea King

Throughout the game, whenever you complete a dungeon, you get a few grains of sand added to the Phantom Hourglass, the titular item that is the focus of the game. The Phantom Hourglass' only purpose is to protect you while you are in the Temple of the Sea King, an area that you must return to after you complete a dungeon and is required in order to progress in the game and story.

Each time you return to the temple, you must go down several floors until you reach the next room/chamber where you will find a map that will show you your next destination and move the plot along. The problem is, each time you enter the temple, you start on the first floor and must go all the way back down to the previous floor that you acquired a map/plot point and then go several more floors down.

However, you don't have nearly enough time in the Phantom Hourglass to get you all the way safely.

Instead, you must find secret passageways and alternate routes that are only accessible once you've acquired certain items in order to skip certain floors. You must then use your memory in order to remember how to overcome certain floors, as well as face new puzzles and dangers in previously unexplored floors.

This may not seem like a big deal, but I would always quest to new areas and return to old areas once I acquired new equipment to unlock certain paths and secrets. Exploring the Great Sea is a blast in this game, so when it came to return to the temple, I had no clue how to proceed.

I know that I could probably look up a guide or watch a walkthrough, but at this point, I'm cool with just remembering all the cool adventures I had on the Great Sea and never having to return to the Temple of the Sea King for the ninth time.


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Apr 9, 2009
GundamSentinel said:
Okami and Ico.

For shame, I know, but real life got the better of me and I never got back to them. I will, eventually. I think.
With Okami, at least, you have the excuse that it's about 30 hours long and does tend to drag a bit. You can finish Ico in around 8 hours, though - it's well worth it. The ending's great.

For me, I'd go with the first Icewind Dale. I ended up enjoying the second one a whole lot more, which seems to go against the consensus opinion, but I just got a bit tired of the first one. It's a very good dungeon crawler, but it outstays its welcome and by the time I got to the penultimate dungeon I'd just lost interest.

And frankly, I wish I hadn't bothered finishing The Witcher. Such a tedious game.


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Jan 23, 2014
I never got through Unreal. Great world, great atmosphere, great music and old school FPS gameplay that I so love. But for some reason I just never got through it. Not sure why.

Castlevania. I always rage quit eventually. Usually at the Death fight or the preceding corridor.

Ico. A great game marred by some really annoying combat. Yes I know, people are going to tell me the protagonist is just a kid, he shouldn't be Dante from DMC. I agree. But I just hated it. It was like the game was giving me a fun time with the jumpy, climby stuff, then saying "Right, fun time is over. Got to do your chores for a while". I just had to stop playing.


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Jul 19, 2014
Planescape : torment . Great boo-...errr.... game i mean . I loved every moment of it but it is like reading a huge novel which consumes a lot of time which I lack .

Morrowind - So much to do , so much to cast , so much to fight . The journey never ends .

Bob_McMillan said:
Deus Ex Human Revolution. Annoying controls, awkward 3rd person/1st person controls, cutscene takedowns, weird stealth, and just soooo much to do. I really couldn't see what people liked so much about it.
Be positive and finish it . You wont regret it .

Caramel Frappe said:
Starbird said:
- Skyrim.
No disrespect to yah Itachi, but no one can ever finish Skyrim. Sure you can complete the main quest and finish all the guild quests ... but personally Skyrim has WAYYYYYYY to many missions and side quests along with hidden quests tucked in there. Even my best friend who's a huge Elder Scroll fan has not done everything in Skyrim. Especially if you include mods on the PC for quests than you're literally on a never ending journey.
Skyrim has way to many missions ? Nonsense... I agree that theres a lot of them and you can use mods like interesting npcs , etc but not as much as morrowind . I have finished everything in skyrim , mods excluded , in near 180 hours . Morrowind goes on for like..... forever . The main quest is huge , tons and tons of quests for each guild , along with the quests you get from npcs , hidden quests etc . Now thats wayyy too many missions and side quests .


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Apr 6, 2020
HardkorSB said:
Ocarina of Time - I was playing it on a very early emulator of the N64 which kept malfunctioning, in this case some textures were black, I got to a level where you need to walk around a lot and raise/lower the water level and all of thr walls were black, making it impossible for me to know where I am or where should I go so i stopped playing
There are a lot of games people are mentioning that I too have not finished.

But this is one is arguably one of the two greatest games of generation 5 (the other being FF7 which I never played as I didn't have a Play Station) that I gave up upon.

When they were rare, gave it a perfect 10.

I stopped because I believe my boy (around 7 at the time) over-wrote my saves after he had hit a glitch (I think) were it was possible to use a key on the wrong door and have no way of progressing further. This was after Link was grown, we had the horse, fought some werewolves. We had gotten pretty far.

I have the gamecube version of it now but sadly(?) there is too many better, newer, more polished games to be playing. What was a wonder then is old hat now so going back to it makes little sense.

BakaSmurf said:
Batman Arkham Asylum.

I was thoroughly enjoying the game, I just removed it from the console after a day of playing it and simply never popped it back in. Not sure why, I just never went back to it.
This is one I would NOT write has aged too much to go back and finish. For me, it was one of the top 10 greatest games of Gen 7, reasonably easy on easy, satisfying story, great game play, varied villain. (Tell me you got to beat Mr. Freeze! Great boss!). Of everything in this thread, this is the one I would most advise you go back and finish the main story line (there are a million side quests no one is likely to 100% on, especially GOTY edition.


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Jul 1, 2011
baldur's gate 1 + 2, amazing games for sure but i could not finish them. i've been spoiled by modern gameplay mechanics.


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Feb 3, 2014
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow. Damn fine game, but I got one of the not-quite-endings and couldn't find out how to progress properly.


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Nov 11, 2010
Oh geez, I've got heaps:
Half Life 2 episode 2. Just got frustrated in the car thing launching bombs at the walkers and put it down.

Portal 2, was half way through and got a new job and moved house and just never picked it up again.

The new Tomb Raider reboot, about 4 hours in and got sick of the constant "oh god, herumph, *pant pant* oh god, oh god." And just kind of put if down and never picked it up. Didn't hate it though.

God of War 3, again, just took a break half way through and never went back.

The Witcher, was a good 20 hours in, picked up 1 and 2 together on sale at store, stopped playing 1 and never bothered installing 2.
They're still sitting on a shelf.

The Knights of the Old Republic. Rented it expecting an action game, when I realised it wasn't that I lost interest (not realising I'd later fall in love with Bioware stuff)


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Oct 9, 2008
Heroes of might and magic 3. I get started on the campaign then go meh, back to random generated maps! But I've sunk hundreds of hours into that game.