Amazon Fire Tablet 10 thoughts and questions


Unrealistic but happy
Apr 6, 2020
Amazon Prime just had a 2 day sale for Prime members. I picked up their 10" tablet for $70 off ($119 w/ 2 Gig of RAM and 64 Gig storage).
It runs on android 9 (even though 10 was released September 2019). It has a nice looking 10" 1080p screen. So far, even with only 2 Gig of Ram it is very fast compared to older premium tablets I've had. As I am already a member of the Amazon ecosphere, much of its setup was very simple.

The interface is nice. Sound is better than expected. I put in a 128 Gig SD card and set it to be extended storage. Unlike earlier versions of Android, I think some applications, not just data, can be placed upon the card. I have not yet tried gaming on it yet. I hope to update this post when I have.

The worst things so far:
1) No Google Play Store and hence, no youtube TV.
2) Ads posted on screen lock. $15 to not have that feature. I didn't pay.
3) I'm finding other 10" tablets that may have been a better buy for me. Lenovo has a real 10" Android, not proprietary, has Google Play Store, and FOUR gig of RAM. It would have cost me an extra $60 or so. Had I gone slower, I might have shopped harder and gotten it but when the missus says, "OK, you should get that" you don't hesitate!

Anyone else out there have a Fire Tablet? Your observations?
I understand there are 4 files I can add/execute to get the Google Playstore on this device. I'm concerned that I'll have to repeat the process every time there is an update on something (Android OS, the Google Playstore and/or applications I load from the Playstore).

Reviewing... (Shoulda done this before purchase!)