An open letter to Electronic Arts


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Mar 22, 2009
Whateveralot said:
SODAssault said:
Dear EDIT: Refused to give up on it and found a pretty straightforward fix that none of my first thousand queries even wanted to imply.
Thanks for actually mentioning what solved your problems. I've suffered those problems myself and I simply gave up looking for a solution.

Mind putting what you've done here on these forums?
Every forum post I'd found at first either vaguely mentioned updating your drivers (done ad nauseam) or had a weird-ass solution that involved cracking open the ini files or network clients to make weird, minute changes. My specific fix came in the form of finally discovering that I needed a very specific driver suite for my Radeon card to function with the game (AMD Catalyst Control Center [], about 150mb in size) instead of the normal ones that self-applied and automatically updated when I used the onboard utilities to roll them forward. Why it wouldn't work without Catalyst when the then-current drivers would shred all other modern games is beyond me.

This only stopped the multiplayer from crashing for me, though, any other problems you have with Origin or BF3 probably won't be touched by this fix.


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Jul 1, 2011
I read the entirety of the OP in the voice of Serj Tankian. That's really all I've got to contribute, I don't generally buy or play EA games.