Ant-Man - Honey, I Shrunk the Superheroes!


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Feb 22, 2013
MCerberus said:
If you look back at the MCU as it is right now, the recent movies aren't actually a disappointment. The standard for these sort of movies has been moved. Now "well it's a lighthearted romp that satisfies, has good writing and feels like more than a cash grab" is "average".

Judge the X-Men movies by this standard and start laughing?
Is Ant Man super special and life changing? No, and that's a good thing. I liked it, but it's carried by the comedy, so if it's not your humor, you won't.
I 100% with you on this. It's like seeing some of Pixars movies that aren't instant classics and being disappointed where as they'd be considered quite good by any other standard. Even Marvel's worst films are as good or better than anything anyone else is doing with the genre. It's hard to keep perspective sometimes but Ant-Man was fun, imaginative, creative and funny. Good thing its RT score reflects that!


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May 13, 2010
It was ok. Not great, but not bad. I got a little annoyed with some of the stuff they did though. I can allow for a lot of unreal things in my scifi/fantasy movies, but there are some things that just really chaff my ass if I see them.

The fucking badguy spotting our hero flying on the back of an ant, in the middle of a swarm of ants, at night, from 40 feet away, and he is able to shoot a fucking gun at him and hit the fly he's flying on and kill it?!?! Fucking give me a break! This guy did not have any superpowers, he was not using any tech like Falcon was to track him, he was just batshit crazy, and had a gun. You want to give him some kind of super reflexes like spiderman, or tech goggles like Falcon, and have him do that feat, sure, no problem. But this was just crazy fucking 1%-er guy with a pistol, and his pulling off shots like he's goddamn Hawkeye. Fucking ridiculous.

The stereotypical latino guy, and his "yo yo homey, my cousin's baby daddy's best friend's uncle's landlord, who was banging his nephew, heard from a guy at the STD clinic that he was getting a shot at, that blah blah blah" storyline shit was slightly amusing once....ONCE. I could've done without his character. Well, check that, I liked his character, I just didn't like his cliche dialogue. I liked the fact that he
stopped to save that guard he knocked out
, and I liked how he was fairly optimistic all the time, but he might as well have been named Juan Julio De Mexicana he was so stereotypical.

The part of the movie that got the most interest out of me, was the second stinger at the very end of the movie. So..yeah, not much reaction for ant-man. It was a movie, it happened, it had moments, that's about it.


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Mar 1, 2010
I miss moviebob.

Ant-Man is a great movie. I was sceptical, I really didnt think they'd pull this one off, but they did. It is a marvel movie through and through. Its a lot of fun, its got great casting, its got cool action scenes, its got some brilliantly inventive shrinking scenes and its got what is probably the first movie-kiss that didnt make me cringe, but I actually liked.

If you dont like fun, good direction in your movies, clever writing or ants you should probably skip this one. If you're a marvel fan, you MUST go. If you're not, you should go anyway because its a load of fun.

There were more or less constant laughs in the movie-theatre I went to, and a fair amount of ladies was enjoying it too. Even in spite of the ants!

Evonisia said:
Sniper Team 4 said:
Evonisia said:
Seems very much like a pre-Thor Phase 1 film from the description, which isn't incredibly promising.
I think it's much better than Thor. In fact, only Guardians and both Captain America movies beat this one as a stand alone movie. The beginning is slow, no doubt. It seems like it takes forever for Lang to get the suit--but that's a problem I have with a lot of super hero movies in that they take forever to get the hero going. Once he does get the suit and starts training though, I felt like it was a non-stop ride.

And the review is right. The cameo that shows up in the movie is easily the best part. That's not to say that the rest of the movie is terrible or boring--I thought the heist was fun, as well as the final fight--but the cameo scene is just amazing.
I've watched it now (was going to anyway), I'd say it was fine enough and I'd probably rate it higher than this review did. The drama worked in the first half but not the second, but that's OK because the action is quite good and it's a visually lovely film. I really liked the cameo because I don't like that cameo character, like at all. That character drags down parts of the film said character was introduced in for me.

Frankly, I barely liked Guardians. It's my second least favourite after Iron-Man 1 (I know, burn me alive). I like that this film went for Captain America sincerity by way of Guardians humour, basically removing my entire problem with Guardians in an instant (no likeable characters outside of comic relief).

If we went by the standalones, my preferences go:
Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Thor: The Dark World (I know again, shoot me)
No likable characters in Guardians?! ._.

If the scene with Rocket almost crying because of people calling him a rodent, or Rocket actually crying at the end didnt pluck at your heartstrings you've got no heart :|

I found the cast brilliant and extremely likable, with Gamora as the only weak link being little more than the Sexy/tough chick.


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May 26, 2014
Scarim Coral said:
I just got back from watching it and overall I enjoyed it-
Stuff in the film-
I thought the villain was pretty lame as I just view him as Iron Monger Jr. Seriously they are so alike it is uncanny!
They both bald.
Those two only care about the profit than the actual consequences of their actions by weaponising someone elses idea.
Both of them become mad with power (also did he sniff the particle or something due to Hope mention that the partical affected his brain?).

Granted what I didn't like was some of the humours in some places like the idiot who wanted hot stuff in a ice cream shop and he didn't look mentally ill to me. Speaking of the ice cream, I thought that was too much of an sponsor but in saying so the cinema I go to has that ice cream brand stand. Also that other cop was also an idiot for mistaking that grown up ant for a dog.
Also the whole Hank/ Hope drama wasn't realyl doing it for me since they decide to reconcil just NOW (when Scott came)??? I would had assume that sort of crap would had gotten resolves years earlier before Scott came to the picture.
I liked the reference to the past film and I loved Falcon cameo (I thought it was Iron Man that was going to show up). In saying so I kind of find it far fetched that he was able to scanned Scott when he was ant size. Did his tech get a huge upgrade from Tony?

The part when Scott shrink to the microverse I was expecting Janet was the one who helped him to grow back to normal.

Lastly the two credit scene-
While I get Hank wanted to protect Hope for now letting her wear the suit but that would had been ALOT convient if she had worn and asisted them in the heist seeing how it only take 10 second or less to put on the suit. I will let How It Should Had Ended to fill in that scene.

The final scene I am assuming it will take placed in Civil War which Scott will help them out.

Honestly I was expecting Scott would had been invited to joined the Avengers by the end of the filn. I guess that will happened in the future.

Grimh said:
Is there a scene all the way at the end of the credits or is it just a midway one?
well hank said it was a prototype suit, so maybe it wasnt in a workable state


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Dec 21, 2007
Scarim Coral said:
I liked the reference to the past film and I loved Falcon cameo (I thought it was Iron Man that was going to show up). In saying so I kind of find it far fetched that he was able to scanned Scott when he was ant size. Did his tech get a huge upgrade from Tony?
It makes sense though, if you are going to be up in the air you need to be able to scan people who appear the size of ants.