Apocalypse Lane: Encore Episode One: Big Pete's Funeral


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Jun 9, 2009
That was a bit disappointing. I'd hoped the animation would be re-done, or at least something new. Ah well, it's a good way to make sure people see the first episode, I suppose.


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Nov 4, 2009
MrFluffy-X said:
Jon Etheridge said:
Encore Episode One: Big Pete's Funeral

Miss out on season one? No problem, watch the encore of episode one and get ready to jump into season two.

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Man that was kinda clever how you guys tied it in exactly with episode one, i forgot all about pete on episode one until the encore (had to check episode 1 just to make sure), but i guess thats why you posted it again. good work. cant wait for season 2

so episode one was like an abstract?....or maybe its just a massive time-loop OMFG! A.L. is so deep haha
Well it's good to see that i'm not the only person to have been thrown by the fact that Episode 1 was after everything else.


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Aug 4, 2008
irefusetoincludenumbersinthisname said:
Alright... It seems a little unnecessary to post an encore this way, but I suppose it will help any new viewers who are too lazy to look in the series's archives.
...yeah, this seemed highly unnecessary I'm afraid to say, haha!
Although, is there a connection between the archive updates and the podcast?
I would like there to be more encore episodes in the podcast, so I can collect all the episodes on my ipod. I'd really like to have all the episodes on my ipod.