Apparently COD is a children's game?


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Mar 18, 2009
It's COD on the DS version, very wrong example to start a fine article with.

You know why? Because of this.

Totally looks realistic guys! I mean there's obviously going to be massive opportunities in multiplayer!

Don't get me wrong, there are some valid points but I can't help but think twice when reading an article based on the crappiest version of the game.

Couldn't their logic apply to every single other videogame with said features of 'competition' and 'guns?'

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Apr 5, 2011
He's more correct than you think.
I'm a young leader in a youth group called 'Cubs' (which is one down from scouts), it's for 8 year olds to 10 year olds and the majority of them play COD games.
I was pretty shocked when i found out.


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Feb 24, 2010
PoisonUnagi said:
katsumoto03 said:
Wait... Did you just equate Harry Potter with Justin Beiber? This entire article is null.
Well they're both depressingly average and uninteresting. They're kinda similar when you think about it.
Your existence makes me cry D:


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Aug 5, 2009
Azaraxzealot said:

after reading this article, i got the strong impression that kids just REALLY love COD for some strange reason. and it seems to be more popular with them and they're more willing to get excited over it than its supposed "target audience"

i, myself, am not at all surprised. the game lacks any real depth and past 4 its been nothing but cash-ins (and even then it was debatable) and (as the article states) its just like Justin Bieber and Harry Potter. any effort (as stated in the article) to present complexity is merely "token" and the straightforwardness is something that was just made for juvenile understanding. where there is really no "are they really bad?" or "see it from their point of view" moments, just "they bad, shoot they ass."

and as the conclusion of the article so beautifully states:
Destructoid said:
Call of Duty is just the videogame adaptation of squirt guns. It makes sense that kids would be drawn to it more so than many adults. The simplicity and sense of empowerment that come from taking a gun and shooting at something or someone knows no age restrictions. However, it does demand a child-like sensibility to take such pursuits seriously enough to prioritize them over other activities. That's why I'm guessing kids love Call of Duty so much.
So what do you think? COD is just juvenile amusement with no real depth or do you have some sort of other side to that?

Off-topic: oh, and this is for all those jackasses who said i needed evidence to back up my claim that a whole mess of kids play COD.
Yes, that does make a lot of sense.


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Apr 15, 2009
Locko96 said:
OT: Haters gonna hate. That's all. Hating COD is a bigger bandwagon than liking it.
That approach totally disallows for all the totally valid complaints against CoD.

I hate it because of the horrible community. I hate it because it's a solo game pretending to be multi-player. I hate it because it doesn't have a mute retard (i.e. all) button that automatically activates the second you join a server. I hate it because it (and most of the other games like it) are derivative knock-off trash that developers mass produce and morons continue to pour money into, even though it's virtually identical to the last 5 shooters they purchased.

CoD (et al.) are the reason we can't have nice stuff!


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Aug 18, 2009
Call of Duty is a great game. Singular, not plural.
Slade Brown said:
Well, according to ESRB and the Fox, all video games for children. This is why a game with 5 seconds of ass gets rated M and yelled at by news stations, while a movie with the same subject matter gets rated PG or PG-13 and is not yelled at all.
Its called acceptance.
Books had to earn it
Paintings had to earn it
Comics had to earn it
Movies had to earn it
Radio had to earn it
TV had to earn it
And now video games have to earn it.

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Mar 23, 2010
Why the hell would you play cod for it's depth anyway? You people have some pretty weird expectations when playing a game and when the game was never even meant to cater for that expectation you call it bad? Weird.

Not all games have to be deep, we need fun games too.

Although I will agree that blackops wasn't really anything new and world at war was pretty lame (other than nazi zombies).

I think cod 4 was the best but mw2 isn't really a terrible upgrade from mw1, just not as was expected, still fun to play with friends though.


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Aug 14, 2008
well, other than the fact that they talk a whole bunch, and you find the uncommon one that is really good, they arint so bad to run with.

but that has nothing to do with this post....and i lack the delete key still...

they like it cause its simple and the "big kids" and the adults like it, so they want to play it too, because we play it because its simple and fun

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Aug 23, 2010
You can spot kids a mile off on CoD.

1. Look for 'Zz' or 'i' or 'xX', or even any combination of the three, this will determine whether or not it's an MLG wannabe.

2. Check for an 'iTz' at the start of the name, this usually means they travel in packs, using the clan tag 'iTZz'.

3. If they have the following name be that in the most ultimate of repetitive letters or well executed caps lock, they are around the age of 10-14. 'Rapidz' 'Ironikz' 'Kronikz' 'Snipezz' 'Trickshotz' etc.


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May 15, 2011
Strain42 said:
-walks up to a podium, clears his throat and speaks into the microphone-

I believe it

-blows a few bubbles from his bubble pipe and walks away-
*Audience Gives a standing ovation and discovers the new president of America for 2012-FOREVAH*


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Jan 17, 2011
Azaraxzealot said:
Justin Bieber and Harry Potter.
oh you did not just put Justin Bieber and Harry Potter in the same group. bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit. Twatlight, yes. Harry Potter, no. I would go into a huge-ass rant about how stupid that comment was, but that'd be off-topic...
yeah, CoD is popular with kids. why? the same reason Halo is popular with kids. when you think "FPS", CoD is one of the biggest brands out there. little kids think big kids are cool, and so is anything associated with them. to little kids, playing CoD is their way of saying, "look at me, I'm doing what the big kids do, I'm cool".
but we all know that they aren't.


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Feb 2, 2010
I enjoy cod, I enjoyed since the first one (though I skipped through the treyarch games). The story is far-fetched and full of plotholes, but I don't care, multiplayer is still tons of fun.


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Nov 23, 2010
It's the kind of game I'd expect in a arcade hall. Just some mindless and repetitive shooting.

Also it's not like we actually thought or believed that they we're shooting for 18+, they know who they're selling to.