Apple Says "Nein" to Wolfenstein 3D Classic in Austria, Switzerland


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Sep 21, 2009
albino boo said:
Matthew94 said:
It's been 70 fucking years, get over it.

If you stop giving a shit and stop treating it like a huge taboo so will everyone else.
Yeah its not like that far right parties got 29% of vote in the last election in Austria and received congratulations from Nick Griffin from the BNP. Opps sorry they did. Just because its 70 years since Nazi Germany was defeated doesn't mean that there aren't Nazis politicly active today.
To be fair though, the right wings are officially the Liberal Party. Contrary to Germany, this country does not have the luxus of a special neo-nazi party but has them instead mostly inside the Liberal Party and its various splinter groups. Not that their disguise is very good with all the shit they're outputting...

The_root_of_all_evil said:
vxicepickxv said:
TheBlackKnight said:
The_root_of_all_evil said:
So the Swastikas are the offensive part?

Not Mecha-Hitler? Shooting dogs? Bloody corpses? Nazi Regalia?

Well, that's ok then.
Law is law is the law ^^; Don't ask me specifics about since I can't find an english translation of it..
It's a zero tolerance law. The closest to English you can get is NO SWASTIKAS. EVER.

It's one of the reason zero tolerance laws are dumb.
So the photos I showed above are banned? Mandalas and the like? Even if it's obvious they have no NASI/NAZI connection?
It sounds stupid (and totally is) but theoretically yes. And it's by far not the only symbol, there's a whole list mostly consisting of Viking or Germanic symbols.
The ancient Greek Swastika you were talking about would count towards some sort of "museum and exhibition tolerance" but simple things like pubicly displaying the Heil Hitler greeting could get you in a lot of trouble here. Wouldn't be the first time some kids got pretty decent fines for that. I'm not sure if anyone would prosecute your baseball team but I don't believe they would be willing to put up with all the shit they'd get so it's kind of obsolete to say.

Chemical Alia

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Feb 1, 2011
The only thing I objected to were the offensive controls of the game. I do hate it when game studios making WWII games have to remove swastikas or replace them with a silly looking alternative symbol if they intend to release the game to an international audience. You'd never see that happen in a movie.


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Sep 14, 2008
Sgt. Sykes said:
And I thought the swastika was originally an Indian symbol, later used by Buddhists. Yeah, bad Buddhists, bad, bad!

To this poster and everyone else:

Symbols change their meaning. Especially if billions of people knew about swastika from the Nazis rather than Buddhists. Which meaning of this symbol is more popular - power, luck, well-being or Nazism?


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May 25, 2011
I can kind of see the idea behind banning actual promotion of Nazis, but banning all hints of them even when the whole point is to murder as many of them as possible seems a little silly.

SeanTheOriginal said:
You may now feel free to jailbreak your Apple product and pirate all the apps you can. If Apple wants to do something stupid like that, go for it.
You think people should pirate Apple's work because Austria and Switzerland have a silly law? It's hardly any wonder that no-one takes fanboys seriously when this is the level of argument they come up with.

Not G. Ivingname

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Nov 18, 2009
I understand the reasoning in Austria, it is stupid, but since they were part of Germany it makes sense, but why Switzerland? They were neutral the entire war and didn't take part in any of the nonsense. Why is it so offensive there?