Are you a moral or immoral online player?


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Aug 13, 2010
Bvenged said:
I don't camp.

And here I sighed.
Don't we have a thread every other week about why camping isn't a bloody sin?

Anyway, there's no place for morality between strangers over the interwebz. Same reason we love killing in games, we can't really do it irl.

If it doesn't affect my team (like TF2) and/or victory I'll be immoral. Of course if I'm with friends I won't do it.

Iron Mal

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Jun 4, 2008
I'm what you'd call a moral gamer.

I play fairly, I help my teammates and play to the best of my ability and make a point of actively confronting people who's behaviour I believe detracts from the fun and enjoyment of others (and report people whenever I notice them violating the rules of whatever game or console I'm playing at the time).

I'm a regular upstanding citizen.


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Aug 30, 2011
I dislike spawn camping and other cheap tactics: which is why the console version of Tf2 is always a cause of frustration for me. So I avoid them.

Mylinkay Asdara

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Nov 28, 2010
I'm typically a successful do-gooder, mother duck type in any game that permits such behavior. Unless I have to do a Xena-esque kick someone's teeth down their throat for being scum of the earth. Honor is important. Um, in shooter games I'm a little too pathetic to be worrying about any moral choices - much time spent respawning and seeking out where the battle is actually happening and so forth. Also, sometimes I'll just be hiding, not bothering anyone, trying to read my map and I have to start all over because someone took the time to sneak up behind me to improve their knife skills or something.


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May 19, 2008
Bvenged said:
I am a very chivalrous player who will honour someone in a fair fight. I don't camp. If I learn in a strategy that a single unit is overpowered, I'll also be reluctant to use it.

But do I stand alone?
I see a scrub do you see a scrub? I see a scrub what do you see. Wow. Just wow. For serious? Not using the best things you can isnt chivalry. Its just gimping yourself for no apparent reason. If you REALLLY wanna be chivilrious whip out a sword in BF and dont use a gun, after all why use such an OP weapon? Also air defence in starcraft... but but but.. it might hurt those mutalisks.. and carriers are far too over powered. Best lose on purpose so i can be honorable. No. Just no.
As long as you play the game by the rules, dont troll team mates, and are pleasant to everyone, any in game strategy put there on purpose by the dev is fair game and anyone who says otherwise is a scrub. If you dont accept a strategy due to unfairness you are no longer playing the game. You are playing your own game with your own rules and you are no longer part of my game. The game does not recognise "Noob" and "pro", "easy tactics" and "hard tactics". It recognises winners and losers. I noticed that even though i lost loads and regained my title of honorable, the game gave exactly 0 fucks. People who saw my appauling record gave 0 fucks i did so "honorably". Its just a waste of time and anger. Use whatever you want. As long as you dont purposefully game break its all fair game.