Are you average?

M Rotter

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Dec 18, 2010

Just for kicks, read this then post how attractive/intelligent you are and why:)
Here's mine for example:
I am unabashed in my belief that i am above average attractive and above average intelligent. I understand that the rationale of both in text may come off as conceited, in general though i dont praise or demean myself, its all (at the best of my ability) based on empirical observation (as opposed to psychic observation i guess)

7-why attractive: good skin, very thin, good bone-structure. I am not voluptuous and look very young so i do have a semi-niche appeal in that, if you like well endowed peeps, im not it. But at the very least i believe i am of the threshold of attractiveness to appeal to most people (which for clarification, if you believe, statistically MOST-ie, people who do not have a very strict type- people will find you physically attractive, for me 7 is the beginning of that threshold)

8-why intelligent: did very in school, straight A's, been going to college since my sophomore year in high school (and i get doing well in school and being smart are not necessarily linked but it is a good indicator usually), felt hilariously smug (well smug mixed with a glowing sense of accomplishment a kid gets when they do something right) that id organically worked through a lot of things before officially learning them (in subjects ranging from math to philosophy)and in general have an overall excellent ability to put two and two together without very much information, and quickly to boot. I believe i am intelligent enough to grasp and formulate abstract ideas that are frequently more complicated than a good number of people can understand.

disclaimer: i understand that i could be talking out of my ass and doing exactly what the article says people do. But its interesting, will you go with what is "honest" (and may seem conceited or misrepresented) or say something that may be not quite as good as what you would've said had you read the article, perhaps to prove what a discerning individual you are.

so, escapist, keeping in mind our proclivity to overestimate ourselves, what do you think of you?


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Nov 19, 2007
The 6th way you overestimate yourself is when you feel the list does not apply to you.


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Dec 30, 2010
Average appearance, above-average intelligence. Just like most people on the internet.


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Jan 19, 2011
Well, I know that my intelligence is above average, since the average is 100 and mine is 132. Motivation-wise, though? Far below average.


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May 11, 2010
You're asking people on the internet about their intelligence and personal appearance?
Americans have also stated that the "average individual" has "a few extra pounds". And people dont seem to see an issue with that (health wise. If you think you're beautiful like that, well you have a better self esteem than me, good for you~)

I would like to think Im an attractive and smart individual, however I know my opinion is skewed due to being biased. So it doesn't matter. The people are me say Im pretty and I like those ego boosters every so often. Im content with that. I also dont base my opinion on "test scores" due to the fact I believe the educational system is incorrect, and unfortunately I have a large memory problem. When I remember things, fantastic, Im good to go. I also freeze during tests.


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Apr 1, 2011
Appearance: 5 or 6 ish. I really have no ability to discern my attractiveness. Other people say I look good, so I just take their word for it, but I myself just don't really know.

Intelligence: 7 - 8. I know I'm above average. I just don't know how much. I understand and construct concepts rather well though I do have a difficulty from time to time. I can link and string together related matters to form conclusions with consistent results. I have the ability to learn quickly; doesn't always happen though. I got a 97 on the military ASVAB if that counts for anything. But I have a crappy memory; I'm working on improving that. I like to say I'm smart because I don't want to believe that everyone else I know is rather dense. I want to say that I'm not overestimating myself, but I haven't met many others that are as smart or smarter than me, so I don't really know the upper spectrum much.


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Nov 2, 2008
I won't rate my own looks as I don't consider those of my own sex to be attractive, so who am I to judge? I'd only say "decent." I have the benefit of not having horrible, disfigured scars on my face, pimples everywhere or horrible facial hair and the like, so I guess I'm above that. I'm told I have good cheek bones and an excellent smile, though. All I know is that I just love my eyes.

As for Intelligence, I can only say it's up there, but I'm unmotivated.

Knowing things and being able to apply them are different things, and I figure I have the capability to do so, but I don't care about much things more than putting in just enough effort to get things over with. With something I'm interested in, NGE for instance, I've taken hours upon hours of my time to learn many things about it, from theories to hard facts, and while that's all fine and good, it's how I apply it that really matters. I've spent further hours discussing it, both simply bringing up simple things I know, and applying what I know to make inferences on what one thing means. The biggest example of that is on discussing Sequel Theory and on what will likely appear in the next movies. Contrast that to math where I just sit there and listen to a teacher speak, then do whatever math problems I'm assigned in an hour and put it all away until the next time I see the teacher. It very much depends on how interested I am in the subject, though that can be said of anyone.


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Jan 6, 2011
A Hermit's Cave
Attractiveness - average (5), but I don't know how the gauntness affects it...

Intelligence - average (6), did OK for GCSE's & A-Levels (who gets a C for biology?!)

imagremlin said:
The 6th way you overestimate yourself is when you feel the list does not apply to you.
*hrk* It's good to be British... if there's anything we're good at, it's self deprecation.


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Dec 16, 2010
Well, I do ok on the attractiveness front. Much better when I was in my early 20's compared to me now in my mid 30's, but I'll still give myself a generous 7. I've got some muscle and a nice face.

Intelligence wise, well I know I'm well above average, but I really don't feel smug about it at all. Average is simply massively unimpressive, below is just horrifying. Statiscically I'd be an 8 or 9. If you take IQ tests as being a valid representation... I don't. To show why I took a bunch of standardised tests and ranged form 123 to 149. Which is a HUGE difference.

And yes, I do get called arrogant on a reasonably regular basis. C'est la guerre.

Farseer Lolotea

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Mar 11, 2010
I like to think that I'm decent-looking. If you like travel-size pale-skinned brunettes, anyway.

As for intelligence, I've got my strong points and my weak points. For example, any math beyond basic algebra or geometry is going to scare me unless I can actually put it to some direct purpose.


The Night Zombie
Sep 8, 2009
I think I'm good-looking - there's really not much more to be said. I exercise regularly, so I'm in good physical shape, and girls seem to find me attractive. If pressed for a numerical representation of my attractiveness, I'd say an 8.

If my marks in high school and post-secondary are any indication, then I'm smart. I have an excellent memory, I'm a capable writer, I'm well-spoken, I'm very analytical, particularly with regards to literature and film, and I've always had a relatively easy time learning and understanding the various concepts and ideas taught to me throughout my academic career. I'd say a high 8 or a low 9 would be appropriate for this category.


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Jan 7, 2008
Let's see.

More Racist:
Well, i'd admit, yeah, i have my moments of slight racism. I think (hope) everyone does. But it's only moments, as long as i'm not like "Goddamn dirty (racial slur here) take my jobs!", it can hopefully be forgiven.

Not as nice:
Being painfully socially awkward and reclusive and not being big on charity, yeah, i'm not really THAT nice, publically speaking. But i'm always polite and do my best to be helpful to the people around me (family, friends, work colleagues) without expecting the favor to be returned.

Not as attractive:
I don't think i'm attractive at all, i'm absolutely overweight although i don't think i can be called "obese", wich may of course be an underestimation.

Problems not as bad/not being the worst:
Well, here's something i'm really painfully aware of. I think i have a lot of problems, but most of them are coming down to myself being flawed while others around me have harder times due to stress, medical conditions or even financial situations and yeah, i think they have it worse.
I'd kinda wish i would be ignorant of that because being aware of how small my problems seem do not make them easier to overcome, but make me angry at myself for not being able to overcome them.


Overall, i think of myself as being slightly below average.
I don't think i'm that intelligent, although i think it speaks for me that i crave wisdom and logic more than other "average" people do. I don't think i'm attractive, but at least i don't think i'm horribly disgusting. And that pretty much counts for every aspect, except my seemingly severe inablity to socialise normally.

...I try not to think about it to much.


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Nov 18, 2009
Haha what a stupid thread.

I am sure my penis size is waay overaverage, I am good-looking (doubt anyone looks hotter than me to be honest) also I am very charming, rich and modest. Get at me dawg!


I'm in your mind fuzz
Sep 26, 2010
Oh THIS article

after reading...yeah Id say Im average in just about every way

however Id say that we often assosiate the word "averge" with bad

it was however deprssing about the photo thing...because in photos I look like a god damn monster


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Sep 8, 2008
my face isnt all that bad and my teeth are naturally strait but im extremely fat so all in all id give my self a 1 on appearance, now ive a genius level IQ but im lazy as hell, self centered, and mean so id probably give my self a 1 on that count as well. In conclusion im a worthless human being with a combined score of 1.


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Aug 8, 2008
I think in real life i am captain average. Im pretty much average at sports, intelligence appearance, humor, cooking, fixing things, impersonating ducks etc... if you ever want anything done to an average standard im your guy!


The Laughing Arsehole
Dec 29, 2009
I like to indulge in the comforting notion that I'm above average in looks. But I know full well that I'm not. I'm 4/10 on a good day.

As for intelligence... yeah, guilty on this one. I tend to think I'm slightly above average. But if true, it's completely balanced out by my way-above-average laziness.