Artist's Block


Sailor Jupiter Woman
Jun 10, 2011
When I have art-block, I get two types. First is when I'm not happy with whatever I draw no matter what, my answer to that is just to power through, and dont erase everything.

But when I'm just out of ideas, I pop over to a random generator website to try and get ideas flowing, like this one:

I believe they have their own dragon description generators. Using a generator and trying to draw the thing it describes is fun.
But they have loads of other generators too, if you are tired of doing the same thing.

Eclipse Dragon

Lusty Argonian Maid
Jul 7, 2020
United States
When I have drawing block, I do drawing exercises. You may not be generating ideas but at least your improving your skill.

As for finding something interesting to draw, do whatever inspires you instead. If you like to read, Read, if you like to play videogames, play videogames.

I was drawing tons after I played Okami.

You could also try looking at other peoples artwork, from a site like Deviantart.


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Feb 26, 2011
My advice... veg out bro. Just kick back and watch some old cartoons in your head(like Samurai Jack, Megas XLR, or even those two leaked episodes of The Legend of Korra) and you'll get something. What I've heard help some artists is actually trying to personify artists block, than beating the snot outta it. But my best advice is to watch things that spit in the face of reality like Star Wars. It'll come to you, I mean all my vet ideas came from other games and shows, because that's how art works. It is the self indulging beast, the perpetual motion device. One piece of creativity inspires more creativity regardless of the format, artists feed off the creative out/input of other wrists making art itself a beast that feeds off itself and thrives as it does so. Always rejuvenating, always consuming, never yielding, never ending, never dying.