Artists Create R2-D2 Models In Styles of Adventure Time, Doctor Who, and More


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Aug 15, 2013
Artists Create R2-D2 Models In Styles of Adventure Time, Doctor Who, and More

Daleks and Disney and Disco, Oh My!

Who doesn't love astromechs? They're not only extremely useful and pretty dang adorable, but apparently their design is also an outlet for creative freedom. Thanks to Slideshow Collectibles R2-ME2 project [], fans of the most famous astromech were given the opportunity to show off their creativity by using Slideshow's blank six scale R2-D2 model to create customized versions of the droid.

Showcasing abundant creativity, participants in the project have presented incredible versions of the astromech inspired by Adventure Time, Disney, Sesame Street, Doctor Who and more. There's even a baby Groot, or "Groo2-D2"! These new themed droids are extremely detailed, from the tops of their domes down to the bottom of their their pedestals, and truly show how easily astromechs could fit into just about any fandom.

With so many new astromechs to gawk at, you could spend the rest of your day determining which is your favorite. Take a look at some of the awesome droids below and let us who won.


Make sure to check out Slideshow's website [] for more awesome astromechs and a full set of images from each artist.

Here's a list of artists featured in the gallery above:
Andrew Pasquella, Cool Rain, Danielle West, Darth Rimmer, Dave Kawano, Earl Ellis, Earl Negrete, Erik Scoggan, George Willis, Kat Sapene, Keith McQueen, Luke 'Mr. Jack' Mancini, Matt Black, Matt Hawkins, Michael Fichtenmayer, Michael Giacchino, Michael Possert, Michael Woodring, Mike Hollister, Miss Monsters, Nicole & Randy Falk, Pascual Wawoe, Pierre Bernard, Raul Martinez, Scott Zilner, The Shiflett Brothers, Steve Riojas, Tim Niver, Toi Ugnunyoku, U_JU, Victoria Salas, Walter Pezzali, Wan Lee

Source: Slideshow Collectibles []



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Aug 30, 2010
Can I get a full-sized version of that R2 grill? Convenient to transport and store, and just so perfectly nerdy I'd use it at least once a week every summer and then some.


Dec 1, 2011
Most of those are pretty awesome and the ones that weren't awesome were still pretty good.