astral projection.


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Nov 17, 2009
Daverson said:
I'd agree with you, but the point of the experiment would be to prove or disprove astral projection. We're not just throwing science at the wall and seeing what sticks!
I don't understand your objection. Throwing science at the wall and seeing what sticks is exactly how you go about proving or disproving things.


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Mar 30, 2011
Hazy992 said:
Hero in a half shell said:
Hazy992 said:
No but I command control over dairy products with my mind
Great scott! You wouldn't happen to be any relation to this guy?

On Topic, to the OP, this isn't really the forum to admit to having New Age or Mystic beliefs, you are about to get insulted into Narnia, although hilariously enough, vitually everyone on this forum believes at least partially that they do have some form of mild psychic ability to predict stuff
(there was a thread about supernatural abilities you may possess earlier this year, and it went on for several pages, virtually every person's post was along the lines of "I don't believe in psychics, but I have an uncanny ability to predict the time/the weather/where my cat is")

I shall give a psychic cookie to however can find me that thread.
Why yes he's my worthless half-brother. We don't get along after we got into a fight and I stopped his flurry of bourbon biscuits with a well timed attack of hot milk and mini Babybells
well well lactokinesis guy i have found u thats got to be the #### supper power ever


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Nov 4, 2008
the Dept of Science said:
If you take away the spiritual language and just research "out of body experiences" you will find that they are a not-uncommmon and fairly well documented psychological phenomenon.
That's not really the point. Few people doubt that others have had "out of body experiences", the discussion is about whether it is just "psychological phenomenon", a trick of the mind, or a legitimate extension of any sense of perception beyond your physical body.

William Ossiss

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Apr 8, 2010
The general masses, also known as sheep, are blind. When you plop something supernatural right down in front of them, they explain it away so that their precious sense of "normal" isn't disturbed. Do I think that astral projection is real? My business. Do I think that original poster should shut his gob and just stop right now? Yes.

You can't do that kind of things for yourself. You jade everything it stands for when you do.


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Sep 25, 2010
BiscuitTrouser said:
Isn?t this enough?
Just this world?
Just this beautiful, complex
Wonderfully unfathomable world?
How does it so fail to hold our attention
That we have to diminish it with the invention
Of cheap, man-made Myths and Monsters?
Does the idea that there might be truth
Frighten you?
Does the idea that one afternoon
On Wiki-fucking-pedia might enlighten you
Frighten you?
Science is never frightened because it doesnt know
Sometimes the answer is deeper than current evidence can show
Science and proof can accept that it needs to wait
It doesnt need to say "Ghosts did it, problem solved, it all turned out GREAT!"
Simply because it cannot be explained doesnt mean you can fill in the gaps
With whatever whimsical fancy said busters can catch in their traps.

Parts of this poem may belong to tim minchin. The man is a genius. I apologise.
Tim Minchin is a God. And an Australian :D

On topic, this whole psychic powers stuff seems like absolute nonsense to me. Plus, most of the mind readers on TV are just people good at cold reading, who have learnt to exploit mourners for cash. That whole thing my have been inspired by Charlie Brooker.


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Dec 18, 2009
Yeah, I have to live with a New Age thinker on a daily basis. She thinks those ball shaped artifacts when you take a photograph (orbs) are like spirits or whatever.
A phenomena most photographers are quite accustomed for which there is a complete explanation and which can be repeated in a controlled environment.

And that's just one of the milder things she believes.

And that person is my mom.


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Mar 11, 2010
See, I like to think that Astral Projection and other psychic phenomena are disproved by history alone. If it were real and true, and as easy as the OP is suggesting -even if only then to SOME people, then it would've seen immense practical usage in the past in leiu of technology.

WHY develop communications technology if psychic communication was an innate thing? Why learn the art of stealth and spying if people could actually silently and invisibly step out of their bodies and travel long distances, or 'scry' the location of an object or person? Humanity has shown that it uses what it can first, and only invents a more complex solution if it's the only solution. If so many of these "ancient secrets" were so useful, why the hell would we forget them?