Attack Wing: D&D Unleashes Dragon Battles On Your Tabletop


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Feb 17, 2011
Attack Wing: D&D Unleashes Dragon Battles On Your Tabletop

WizKids will offer its Dungeons & Dragons-themed Attack Wing and an Avengers Vs. X-Men dice game within the year.

Heard of WizKids Games? Well, if you've walked into a comic book or tabletop hobby shop lately, you've definitely seen its work. The company is well-known for games like HeroClix and Star Trek: Attack Wing, and just last month teased details <a href=>of an Attack Wing title in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. At the 2014 GAMA Trade Show, WizKids not only unveiled some of these Attack Wing designs, but discussed its brand-new Dice Masters game, which debuts next month with Marvel Comics' Avengers Vs. X-Men.

But first, direct your attention to the new Attack Wing models, which you can see heavily distance themselves from any science fiction origins. According to a WizKids presentation, Attack Wing Dungeons & Dragons features campaigns and character alignments, along with dragon battles, ground troops, spells, and more. This should let Attack Wing to ease new players into common Dungeons and Dragons elements, unless they'd prefer to fill simply fill shelves with dragon miniatures. Both approaches are valid.

Dice Masters, on the other hand, is a new game designed by Mike Elliott and Eric Lang launching next month. Starting with an Avengers Vs. X-Men line, each session takes about 20 minutes to play as you recruit heroes, roll Sidekick dice, and activate skills and abilities. An AvX play mat will be made available, while Yu-Gi-Oh and DC's Injustice games are planned as future releases. But if you're wallet's a little tight, the best part is price: A starter set will only cost you $15, while boosters of 2 dice and card sets are worth a dollar each.


Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons Three-Pack Starter Set: $49.99
Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons Dragon Expansion: $24.99
Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons Troop Pack: $24.99
Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons Hero Pack: $14.99

Dice Masters: Avengers Vs. X-Men Starter Set: $14.99
Dice Masters: Avengers Vs. X-Men Booster Packs: $0.99

We'll keep you updated on new information for each game as it becomes available.

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Dec 25, 2008
-_- So, X-Wing, but with dragons. It'd be pretty awesome if it wasn't such a blatant copy.

Wizkids should just bring back Mage Knights. Nothing they've made since then has been all that great.