Award-Winning Love Letter Designer's Next Game Will Save Gods


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Oct 19, 2009
Award-Winning Love Letter Designer's Next Game Will Save Gods


Seiji Kanai's Gods' Gambit is already well on its way to Kickstarter glory.

OK, which of you minor deities managed to tick off the Almighty so much that we all got kicked out of the High Heavens? I blame you - yes, you there with the funny cat T-shirt - but there's no sense getting caught up in the blame game, as only good karma will get us back into Paradise. That's the base concept behind Gods' Gambit, the latest card game from Seiji Kanai, designer of multiple award-winning Love Letter []. It's already hit Kickstarter, and is a little under half way to its $20,000 target at time of writing, with 28 days on the clock.

Now, you horrible little God you, if you don't want to build up good karma - by stopping plagues, bringing about world peace and all that happy-clappy garbage - there are other options. There are some out there who'd rather sabotage their rivals, do deals with the Fallen, or even bring about an Apocalypse if that's what it takes to get back into the High Heavens.

After all, the goal's to get back in; nobody said you had to be a nice guy doing it. Well, the Almighty said you had to be a nice guy, FINE, but if there's an Apocalypse then He won't be in charge any more, now will He?

The design process is complete, and everything's done bar printing out the cards. Hence the Kickstarter; Kanai's team just needs a little cash to pay the printer, and then it's ready to ship. The lowest tier is $35, and that gets you a copy of this 2-6 player game. If you want to go nuts you could always leap in at the highest $5,000 level for a sit-down game with Kanai in Tokyo, plus 3 nights accommodation at a Tokyo hotel (travel not included). Free shipping for all rewards sayeth the design team, rash souls that they are.

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