Band Hero Coming to Nintendo DS Lite

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
Band Hero Coming to Nintendo DS Lite

Guitar Hero: On Tour []-style guitar grip and an all-new "drum grip."

In spite of its tiny size, Band Hero for the DS Lite will let gamers play guitar, sing and even rock out on the skins thanks to the special add-ons that will come with the game. The guitar grip is already familiar to DS owners, while the drum grip is essentially a large skin that goes over the entire unit, providing two small drum pads on each side of the handheld that cover the buttons and directional pad.

They're a softer, more comfortable way to handle drumming, with a "really nice push-back, bounce-back feel to them," according to Band Hero Executive Producer David Nathanielsz. "They fit your thumbs well," he told Kotaku []. "If you start banging on that d-pad [without it,] you'd get blisters."

Given the somewhat DJ Hero [], or is the genre experiencing a more fundamental slow-down as gamers grow weary of dropping big bucks on peripheral-laden games that offer little more than their predecessors?

Pricing and release date have not yet been announced, and unfortunately for DS Lite [].

Feb 8, 2009
Are they serious? I thought the Rock Band Unplugged style of gameplay worked much better.

If the guitar grip has bigger buttons, I might be interested.

To bad the songs are all going to be modern pop music.


Old Hands
Apr 6, 2009
Cpt_Oblivious said:
Couldn't we just use the drum buttons to make guitar super super easy?
Thanks for the idea! Finally I'll be good at virtual music!