Basing Q&A

Saint of M

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Apr 27, 2020
United States
This thead is for us to ask questions on how to decorate the bases of our minies, be it static grass or some other stuff.

Most of the time its as simple as getting a baggy of fake grass at the hobby store or the part of the art store that does trains and terain, putting white elmers glue on the bottom of the base, and the pt the mini in it. Shake the rest off.

In my case I am getting back into tau for Warhammer 4k, and while I will be getting new models, in the meantime I am working on keeping my main Cadre in a gallon bucket full of Simple Green to get the old paint job off.

However I want some oppinion on how to do the base. for the main force, it will be an Mars theme. So how to do the redish sand and ground? I am thinking taking regular sand and having it soak in some red paint water.

Any thoughts on this or your own questions the rest of us could help out with?