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Mar 23, 2011
Is this a bit late considering when this game actually released? Yes. Is there a certain game called "Skyrim" out? Yes.

Bastion is a 3rd-person action RPG developed by Supergiant Games. Oddly enough, this is their first attempt at a splash in the game industry, and let me tell you, this is quite a mother-suddin' splash.

You are The Kid, a (I'm guessing) 20-ish year-old boy from the fictitious city of Caelondia, a Steam Punk-ish city in the middle of Who Knows Where (that's actually the name of a zone). The Kid also seems like he's seen one too many tanning booths.

The Kid gets up and discovers the city of Caelondia has been destroyed by a calamity of sorts coincidentally dubbed "The Calamity". So the Kid and sets off for the Bastion, a place the Caels agreed upon meeting if there was ever such a world-shattering incident.

There are a handful of things about Bastion that set it apart from other games that released this year. The watercolor-drawn environments are stunning, and every zone in Bastion looks and feels different, the immense amount of variety really helps the game feel fresh throughout the entire experience.

As The Kid walks along the path that just doesn't seem to be there, the ground will come up from The Ether Below and form a path for The Kid. But he don't think much of it.

That brings up the most notable thing about Bastion, the ever-present narrator, Rucks. From the moment you start the game to the final glorious moment of the *spoiler* when *spoiler* and *spoiler* tuna fish *spoiler*, Rucks tells the story of what The Kid does in a glorious, baritone, narrative. This is a pinnacle example of the normally at-odds Story and Gameplay meshing cohesively and creating a fantastic final product, something many of us Game Enthusiasts have been looking forward to for quite some time. He'll comment on everything, from items you find about in the world, to how you fall off the world, even your weapon loadout will be graced with the soothing honey words of Rucks the Narrator. He's also in the story too.

That's Rucks in the center, with The Kid to his left, and another character, Zulf, to his right.

The story in Bastion is amazing, the aforementioned narrative means of the omni-present Rucks combined with the beautiful art style and simply amazing [] score [] creates a story that culminated in a heartfelt ending, one of the best this year. I can't say much without spoiling, but trust me, it's amazing.

The combat in Bastion is fast-paced and fun. X and B are used to use two of the quite numerous selections of weapons available in the game, RT is a special skill, Y heals, A dodges, LT blocks, Right Stick is an odd aiming thing that you'll get used to soon, it all works quite nicely and like most good things, it's easy to learn but a b*tch to master. At the Hub world, The Bastion, one can change buffers to the game that make it harder and increase reward, add a few passive skills, change your weapon loadout, upgrade your weapons to your playstyle. buy some pick-ups you missed, check out some "Challenges" you can complete for more coin, and converse with Rucks on certain important items found on your journey. You REALLY want to talk to Rucks whenever you can, his voice is sound gold.

Bastion's creatures even have names that have their own attitude and personality, Windbags, Anklegators, and Scumbags are just a few of the beasts you'll be fighting throughout Bastion.

With a tight combat system, the most innovative story-telling mechanic I've yet seen, a beautiful art style, and a story worthy of recollection, Bastion becomes this year's LIMBO as the greatest downloadable title of the year. (Since the writing of this review; Bastion has won VGA's for Best Downloadable Game, Best Score, and Best Song)

-Chillz gives the Artsy Arcade Adventure a 9.5

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Aug 27, 2008
An excellent indie game for sure; one that I've played through a couple of times and loved every step of the journey. To say it is one of my favourite indie games of the year, no of all times would be an extreme understatement.

However your review is lacking in some regards, first being the size of your images versus the amount of text between them. A quick word count says that you have roughly 660 words combined with 5 images. That's nearly an image every 100 words, a ratio much too large to make a coherent piece. Your paragraphs are overshadowed by the images and in addition to cutting back on the amounts, I also recommend sizing them. If you don't know how to do that, PM me or consult the Review Help Thread stickied at the top of this Forum.

Keep up the reviews, improvement is needed but the base is there.


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Apr 4, 2020
Hah, I'm actually listening to the soundtrack right now. Great game.