Batman Arkham City Review


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Apr 16, 2009
ExtraDebit said:
So anyone play this on hard yet? I found it even more challenging than dark souls or at least rival that of. Can't imagine how hard it'll be on hard and new game+.
I don't mean to sound like an ass, but you must be doing something wrong. I took my first playthrough of this game on hard and it was nowhere near Dark Souls difficulty.

Just gotta remember it's basically a rhythm game, let them come to you. You do know you can counter multiple enemies at once by pressing Y for each enemy currently attacking you right? I didn't know that until I failed the courtroom section at the beginning a half dozen times.


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Jan 16, 2010
Protip: Talk to calendar man today. And on other holidays.

Turns out, he has little speeches on all major holidays. I talked to him today and he talked about halloween. So, that's cool that they included that.


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Nov 1, 2007
Grabbin Keelz said:
I've beaten the game and theres still a few questions I have.

1. If Joker stole the cure, then why was he still sick?
2. I never found Nora, what happened to her?
3. Did Ra kill himself? and either way, can't he just bring himself back to life?
4. Who's Solomon Grundy, and why was it important that he was born on a Mundy?
1. Harley stole the cure but Talia stole it off her, thats why she had it at the end. You can find Harley Quinn tied up in the Steel Mill after her encounter with her.
2. Nora was taken by Joker and hidden in his District. Mr Freeze asked you to find his wife for him. She can found in a warehouse as a side quest.
3.Ra did kill himself and yes, he can bring himself back to life. Therefore he stabbed himself so he wasn't wasn't captured by Batman or dashed on the streets. But the Lazaris Pit was destroyed when Clayface contaminated it so maybe he and Talia can't come back (seriously unlikely though).
4. Solomon Grundy is a very old obscure Batman villain. He's basically a Giant Zombie, and is named after a nursery rymthe I've never heard of. He worked as a boss but was a seriously obscure choice, it was like playing a Superman game where he fights the Prankster or a Flash game where he takes on B'wana Beast. It's just a bit bizzare, if cool.


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Jul 21, 2009
I actually thought the gliding mechanic in Prototype was as if not more fun than the swinging in Spiderman 2