Be An Arena God


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Sep 13, 2006
Be An Arena God

Who among us hasn't wanted to walk the world, shaping our surroundings by our wills alone? How about doing it while several of your best friends try to blow you into tiny bits with a small arsenal of weapons? Well, our dreams are a reality - a game reality, at least.

A new version of the Sauerbraten engine and game were released last week. Sauerbraten is an old school first person shooter akin to the original Doom or Quake. What makes Sauerbraten stand out is that you can edit the levels while playing the game, even in multiplayer mode!

The open source Sauerbraten engine also features pixel and vertex shaders, lightmaps, physics, and positional sound. But it's the effortless in game editing feature which makes the engine really stand out. By using only a few hot keys, your right mouse button and scroll wheel, you can modify any surface in the game, extruding brushes (the geometry of which the level is made) and tilting faces.

Binary downloads are provided for Linux, Mac and Windows. As the engine is open source, it's also an ideal base for mods and new games, ranging from multi-player cooperative combat games to RPGs.

Visit the official Sauerbraten site for full details of this great project, or download the game and play a few rounds today.

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