Behind the Voice - An Interview With Roger Craig Smith

Lizzy Finnegan

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Mar 11, 2015
Behind the Voice - An Interview With Roger Craig Smith

For our week-long celebration of Resident Evil's 20th Anniversary, The Escapist sat down with Roger Craig Smith, the voice behind one of the game's recurring protagonists, Chris Redfield.

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Jun 29, 2008
What is this?
Voice actor!
I hope this is not Chris' voice actor!



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Dec 12, 2009
Man, The Escapist is getting a lot of big names these days, first McAffee now this?

Fun Fact I might as well share, you know that part in RE5 with the On-Rails shooting section? The driver in that is Reuben Langdon, the man who voiced Dante back in the day.

Still, great piece as always Lizzy :)

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Nov 9, 2010
Thank you! :D

The interviews and looks into the industry and the people who work in it are some of my favourite articles. I like hearing about how people came to work on games, what they think of it and the like. It humanises the industry.

I would like to see interviews with some of the people you don't hear about often too... people that work with motion capture, programmers, military advisors, sound effect guys and stuff like that. It would be interesting seeing how they make sound effects for guns that don't exist, commentry on how they made famous scenes in games, stories from the developers on the challenges they faced and such.

It was cool to hear Roger Craig Smith talk about the scratch work. It's something I had not thought about and didn't realise happened. It's interesting that they get smaller voice artists to fill the lines initially for the animators, rather than the writing staff, or even animators, doing it themselves. I am always interested in the concurrent activity in a game world, and this gives an insight into the almost catch 22 situation where the animators have to create something not knowing fully the pacing or the timings, and the voice actors have to record without knowing how the scene would look like, or fully the context into what they are voicing.