Best/Most Fun character you've made for a DND Game


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Nov 19, 2009
Hey there! Just for fun, what do you think was the funnest character you've ever played in a DND game or a RP game in general where you got to create your own character? As of right now, I only have one rogue as a character rolled for DND, and I've heard plenty of the crazy stories and backgrounds I've heard for my friend's characters. So what's your story? ;)

nuba km

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Jun 7, 2010
well I have only 1 DnD character so far but he is a 8ft tall albino Minotaur warrior that is slightly racist, two great moments wear when I was when I played dead and only fooled 1 goblin so when I got up and attacked he though I was a zombie and another time wear there was a rustling in the bushes and I decided to 'strut my stuff' while my friends tired to sneak.


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May 13, 2010
My favorite serious character I've ever made was a druid with a rather relaxed attitude towards civilization. He figured the sentient species building cities was just as natural as bees building a hive or beavers making dams. He wasn't very popular with other druids obviously, and he often struggled with where he drew the line when it came to nature vs civilization.

2nd favorite was a warforged scout rogue. Not as deep as my druid, but I loved running around as a little golem with a million tools and gadgets


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Feb 28, 2010
Hmm... there was Jesus 2.0, my Cleric/Raidant Servant of Pelor with vow of poverty and the ability to come back from the dead automatically twice per day. Ascending to godhood was just a bonus.

Probably the most fun character I ever played was my shapeshifting Eidolon. If you've never heard of the class, it's semi-custom. Regardless, there's noting quite as cool as a 5 foot tall girl who turns into a lion ten times her size. A lion that flew and shot lighting bolts from its mouth. while ferrying the other characters around. At level 7.

You don't want to know the kind of stuff that was going on at level 20... heads have exploded form the awesome.

Count Igor

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May 5, 2010
RedEyesBlackGamer said:
A halfling rogue named Ackbar the Agile. Guess what I yelled if I found a trap?
"Hold up, everyone. I've spotted something that looks slightly suspicious. I'll take a closer look while you lot stay back at a safe distance!"?
Did I get it right?

OT: A well spoken Barbarian with higher intelligence and wisdom than the spellcasters.
Man that was fun.


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Jul 16, 2010
I've had plenty of interesting D&D characters, but the most amusing was one I designed as an "up yours" to the silly rules of Living Greyhawk (3rd edition WoTC RPGA organised play).

(rl background)
At the time, Australia was given the region of Perrenland, which is apparently a land full of mercs being used as a buffer zone between the "holier than thou" nations in the south and "Ima kill everybody good" nation of Iuz in the north.
Add to that the ridiculously bad regional and meta-regional modules in the early days made the entire campaign a joke.
So, in the "so bad it's good" manner, I was dragged into the campaign ... and came up with ...
(/rl background)

A gnome named Zimmin "Chef" Bottleneck.

(ridiculous character backstory)
Zimmin was an apprentice chef who, along with his aunt Colleen, was helping out with preparations for a harvest festival.
Now, Zimmin has had a tricks up his sleeves for some years, but few thought it particularly unusual (since by and large, gnomes are renowned for such), until that day ...
Colleen had said, "hey Zi! Go get me another chicken, will you?"
Poor Zimmin went to the chicken coop and chased the chickens about, quite unable to catch one.
In exasperation, he furrowed his brow and pointed, muttering, "you're such a dead chicken," and zap! Down it fell.
Apparently, some young officer in the first had been amused by the display, and Zimmin was soon involved in some amazing events.
(/ridiculous character backstory)

The whole point about the character was an accidental mage.
That is, he'd have no ranks in Knowledge (Arcana), and makes up all his magic instinctively.
See, all gnomes (charisma 10+) can cast a few cantrips ... and prestidigitation just so happens to be a ridiculously good spell for cooking.
So obviously gnomes would be awesome professional chefs, right?

Zimmin was recruited into the militia ('cos they were short of mages, and the officer recognised a magic missile when he saw one, though it was shaped like an angry chicken), and so he started traveling the world ...
Which, of course, makes no sense insofar as being in the army reserves and a professional chef goes, but hey ... it gives him an excuse to acquire foreign culinary experience, right?
(As well as the game requiring you to level up in order to put more ranks in the profession skill)

I'd renamed every single skill, spell, and feat on the character sheet, 'cos (despite the organisers' chagrin) you're allowed to (3.5e PHB p110) ... but I was sensible enough to keep a version of the character sheet with all the default names on there.

Spells, in particular, were cast by an incantation which uses words from the first time the spell was cast.
So, I'd yell out "dead chicken!" to cast magic missile, or "broke it again .." to cast mending.

Also, the short "adventure summaries" I wrote up which had little to do with the plot was apparently amusing.
For example ..
Decent into Darkness: Showed some farmfolk a (cooking) trick or two with Sablewood smoke, to help liven up their horrid day.

Over the years, he ended up doing a lot of bizarre stuff.
Such as, "ok, I'm going to make some horses. But you're going to have to close your eyes and believe really hard that they're real."
=Shadow conjurations for phantom steeds, when passing a will save means you fall through the horse.
Mar 10, 2011
I made a guy name Stephen Spearsweep. Why you ask? Cause his weapons were a spear and a broom. He'd kick your ass and clean up the leftovers.


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Jun 8, 2010
Well my friend had a boring old average rogue who died so he asked me to make a more "unique" rogue. hehehe...

They were lvl 17 so I made a lvl 17 Whispergnome Rogue that had Reduce Size Permanencied on him and the Craven feat giving him an extra SA damage per level. Basically, he was the size of a house cat, had massive AC and damage, and could sneak like no other, but at the speed of 2.5 squares per turn and having to be in an opponents square he was pretty much useless.

To top it off, I named him Smegma lmao.

But yeah, my friend was using the character and we have a druid in the group who turned an enemy into a squirrel. The Squirrel then chased and tackled Smegma and began biting him lol.

EDIT: I really enjoyed my Catfolk Monk who was basically my fursona. I kinda power gamed with him though since I knew our campaign was leading to hell I gave him Vow of Poverty and a ton of anti-evil stuff.


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May 14, 2010
My favorite has been a Dragon Born Barbarian/Abdjurant champion. He had summoned mage armor that was transparent so I had him run around in his underwear. He also had a tail knife that was absolutely useless but fun none the less.


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Feb 4, 2009
Not so much D&D, but D20 Modern with the Urban Arcana setting: A bugbear sorcerer named Roger. Big, burly, hairy, wore big overcoats, and had a penchant for casting lightning bolt.

I had an elven ranger named Serd who had an unhealthy obsession with bones. His armor was covered with bones from either things he killed or corpses he found. He had skulls for shoulder pads and he used a vertebrae to keep his hair tied back. Also, he had a really weird fetish for halflings, gnomes, and other small women. He claimed that "the small ones make me feel that much bigger."

My other favorite was a halfling monk named Zamf. He had the general appearance of the stereotypical Asian martial arts master, complete with extremely long moustache and beard. His defining characteristic was senility; in the middle of fights, he had a habit of yelling out strange and sometimes incoherent things that often confused the enemy into giving him an advantage.


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Nov 20, 2008
I have a number of fun ones, because me and my friends are all crazy.

Let's see, there was Guido Valcini in Conspiracy X. He was an MKUltra psychic with a number of mental issues and psychic drug dependency. He had amnesia, neurotic behavior, nightmares, identity problems, and a nemesis (Namely, a russian super-agent that he use to work with but now he's totally forgotten about.) He once downed a Saurian with a conglomeration of souvenier snowglobes thrown by telekinesis.

There was William Borraine (AKA "Speck" or "Spartacus") in Shadowrun. Big ole' violent-tendencies cyclops known for large weapons and a tricked-out little car. He was made famous for, during a run towards the southern border on a truck convery, putting a shirt on his face as a mask and blowing up a tank with a missle launcher. And this was after a REALLY nutty plan done by one of the others. Needless to say, the Yakuza were speechless.

In Rogue Trader (Yes, as in W40K-verse.), there was Masan-Ru the piratical Arch-Militant, who had a habit of shoving chainswords in people's faces, like the one guy who's last words were "SKULL FOR THE SKUFLGBGBLLLE!!". Great bodyguard for the otherwise squishy Rogue Trader. Best time ever when he led a group of black-shirt interns on a mission to bring a guy back to of the Post-Dated Check-Loan. (Ship was haunted, seriously.)

In a Star Wars campaign run by a friend of mine, I had one recovering-from-indoctrination assassin fellow, name of Sirus McLaylen. His claim to fame was that the villain of the campaign (and thus influencing good chunks of the plot) was a man trying to train him and others like him to be a force-enabled army of assassins. Best moment from him was when, in a battle, he was knocked out and at death's door, when he suddenly went and force-lightning'd the other guy out of desperation to pull out a win.

Currently, in Changeling The Lost, we have Trent Massarino. He's a businessman and a Gravewight. He's made of shadow and a delightful doer of 'favors'. He and several others have lately been instrumental in halting the spread of a drug that allows humans to perceive all things fae called Freak. They are also now after a court doctor who was apparently a total mad jackass.

These are alot of fun.


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Jul 17, 2010
Best: A traveling knight named Tenlo that was a perfect balance of speed, strength, and skill. He's an all purpose, one man team, character that can basically get himself out of any situation.

2nd Best: A native American Character that is a speed killer.

Funny: A mime clown with a mace hidden in a bunch of balloons. The Scariest ting to every traverse a board.


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Jul 21, 2009
I only got into Dungeons and Dragons recently. I didn't really have an opportunity to play when I was younger.

The second character I made was an insane warlock built as if she was a worshiper of a cosmic horror from the Cthulhu mythos. She wasn't strictly evil, she could just hear the whispers of cosmic horrors so she spent most of the time accidentally driving people crazy or hiding under things. I think I annoyed the DM.

I also made an evil cleric. You can imagine how awkward it was when the party members needed healing if she didn't like them


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Feb 8, 2011
Human bard that escaped from a mental asylum and was being hunted by lovecraftian horros. He would often nurse his enemies back to health so that he could torture them and he thought self mutalation was funny to the point that he choped off his own finger to impress some girls in a bar. He had an imaginary friend that he openly spoke to and could make himself vomit on comand. The strangest part was that he was the only character that survived.