Better Jobs For Mutants!


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May 7, 2020
So I was just thinking about the insane shit that people can do in comics, but I felt like limiting it to just mutants, because....shit I don't feel like opening up the flood gates as far as EVERY comic character ever.

Plus, mutants tend to be one trick ponies with their powers, so it helps to streamline the topic a bit more. Yes yes, some of them have a wide range with their powers, that's why I said TEND to be one trick ponies.

So anyway, i was thinking about things the various mutants could do with their powers to better humanity and the world, other than punching people in the streets. I mean, some of them have access to such raw power it's insane.

SO! Let's put them to work to better humanity!!

Pyro! : So, this dude can generate pretty insane levels of heat just at will, and can sustain them for a pretty long time. Not sure if he's ever been timed, but I suspect he can keep it running for several hours at least, and at a sustained high temperature. Well lookie here!! A power source!! Most forms of electricity generation, center around creating heat, and then harnessing that heat to do something else. Well we've got a dude that can make a ton of heat at basically zero resource cost, other than some body fatigue and strain. Which hey, give him some healthcare, a steady income, plenty of access to food/water, and let him generate enough energy to power....who knows? I'm genuinely curious what the heat/power ratio would be, and how much it could power, but I suspect it would be significant.

Cyclops!: Pretty much the same as Pyro, that ruby energy shit from his eyes is just insane. Find some way to harness that shit, and just let him stare at a capacitor or something for several hours a day, boom, energy harnessed!

Storm!: Damage control for natural disasters. Got a massive hurricane coming towards a populated area that isn't properly prepared? Have Aurora come in and either negate it entirely, or at least lessen/redirect it's effects to reduce damage/casualties.

Nightcrawler!: Personnel transportation for high risk situations/hostage rescue. Need to get a very important person somewhere very fast? BAMF! "Hi there! Please hold on!" BAMF! Oh look, Storm is in a tornado area with minimal travel time, capable of saving more lives. Oh look, there is a hostage situation, and the badguys are in the front of the building in question, with the hostages in another room. BAMF! BAMF! BAMF! "...where did our hostages go?!"

People with psionic abilities: Search and Rescue! "I sense a scared child over that's Melody, she's hurt, let's go!"

Super Strenghthers: Search and Rescue/Construction. Couple these with the psionics above on S&R, and you can quickly save a lot of people. Also, just insane amounts of equipment/labor saving when you have a dude who can casually lift objects in the weight range of TONS with their bare hands.

I'm sure there are tons of others, that's kind of why I made this thread, for people more versed with comics to share some ideas.

But yeah, just a fun thought experiment I felt. So what do you think?

What would be some ways that the various Mutants (again, lets limit it to mutants because holy shit there are just too many to pick from in the entire comic history if we count everyone with super powers) could improve the world with their abilities, aside from going out and punching each other in the streets?

Side note, I can't really recall any runs of comics where they actually emphasized this? Was there ever a run where they showed the various heroes using their powers as a public service, aside from punching badguys? I'm curious if they did.