Better Late Than Never Reviews: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.


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Sep 17, 2008

[HEADING=1]Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.[/HEADING]

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is an entry in the popular Monster Hunter series for the PSP, which has garnered considerable fame and praise in Japan. Whilst less known in the West it is nonetheless a big franchise.


You're a Monster Hunter. Yep that's it. So you're a hunter based in a small village, you hunt said monsters. Thats the basic premise of the game and something which works to its advantage. You'll find no delusions of granduer here, no 'you are the chosen one' cliches. This game pretty much thrusts you into this world and tells you to deal with it, whilst helpful tutorials and references are available it feels adequately big enough to be a mere hunter against a whole assortment of fantastic creatures, luckily you work your way up slowly, tackling smaller Mammoth type creatures and small Raptor styled monsters until you get up to the bigger guns. The pacing of difficulty is well done, and whilst the game is tricky it never feels like it is because of bad game design.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. You visit the local merchants and use hard earned items to improve and craft new weapons, equipping your most poweful armour you debate which weapon type will be best for the job. You decide on a large sword, it weighs a ton and isn't very quick but with effective use can be devastating. Sharpening your weapon you set out, fighting your way to the top of a snowy peak you face your foe, the impossibly large beast eyes you curiously before charging straight at you, but your ready. Several minutes of intense combat later and your hunter stands triumphant, thrusting his knife into the once mighty beast's scales, eager to claim the valuable prize within. The sense of accomplishment this game gives is astounding, there are no levels, no experience points to dish out or stats to raise. You are only as good as the way you wield your weapons. This drastic change form most RPG's mean items play a large role. Taking down a massive Wyvern after hours of crafting and gathering is just plain awesome, and equally as satisfying.

Pushing it to the max The PSP is a strong system for a handheld, no doubt. But sometimes games can feel a bit forced and just not done right on the system. Luckily Monster Hunter is a game which takes advantage of the PSP, its controls are tight, the graphics breathtaking and the shear scope staggering. You won't mind the fact that the PSP only has one analogue stick, the game is just that well designed for the system.


Can I bring a friend? Chances are, for most people they will not have a friend which also own the game. If you do the lucky you as MHFU does not support online play, which is a shame because multiplayer is the games strongest asset. There are workarounds to remedy this but not having straight out the box online play seems like a big mistake, especially when the game is best played with four friends.

And the monotony sets in... Sometimes the game can drag. With no end in sight the game will take a long time complete, this can be a bad thing when you run out of motivation, or you die trying to take down that beast for the fifth time. Sometimes there are limits and the complexity of the game can sometimes mean that you will get frustrated. A lot. This is not a game for everyone, you will need to be patient and willing to put in the time required to learn the games features, which may not be for everyone.

[HEADING=3]In Conclusion[/HEADING]

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a good game. If you own a PSP and it sits neglected as mine did, then get this game. If you are turned off by the complexity, difficulty and patience required then it will not be for you, but if you manage to get through it all then you are in for a good time, you will spend hundreds of hours on this.

Buy it - if you can take a beating


The cats. Good god those felines are strange, whether dancing around your kitchen or flailing hopelessly in combat, these felines are just plain wierd. They don't substract from the experience, but you will be questioning their erratic behaviour.

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Dec 31, 2008
I didn't rally like your style at first, but I'm getting more and more used to it. Great work.


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Nov 30, 2009
i love this game and its psp predecessors (probably spelt wrong but sod it) never actually played the PS2 version, and i am currently waiting for MH3 to come out on the Wii, and still quite annoyed at Capcom for not bringing Monster Hunter Frontier to europe, that game on pc would be the final nail for it being the best game i've ever played, the only problem currently being the lack of online play