BioWare Finds Audio Partner For MMOG

Junaid Alam

New member
Apr 10, 2007
BioWare Finds Audio Partner For MMOG

Bioware's upcoming MMOG has decided to tap into an audio tool produced by AudioKinetic Inc. called Wwise, the audio company noted in a press release.

"We wanted a complete authoring environment that would facilitate the development of a rich audio experience, and we've found Wwise to be a great fit," said Bioware Austin's co-director, Gordon Walton.

"Wwise provided our team with a sophisticated and complete audio development tool for our online game experience."

The Montreal-based audio company says its Wwise technology is "cost-efficient middleware" that provides game developers with "the flexibility, toolsets and workflow necessary to dramatically advance the gaming experience."

Bioware, famous for its Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights offerings, among others, has so far kept the lid sealed on what IP its new MMOG is tapping into.