Black Friday sales on Graphics Cards


New member
Jul 21, 2009
Hey all, need some advice on PC Gaming, the local electronics store is having its Black Friday sale tonight and they have Sapphire HD6570 2gb cards for NZD$87.00 (USD$70.00)

I've been running a 1gb NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT for a couple years now since I put together my first gaming machine and I'm starting to feel like its holding me back, however a quick look at benchmarks and reviews have shown me that the 6570 is not that great

What I'm wondering is is the upgrade worth it anyway since I'm using a 5 year old card? I don't really have the money to get anything better, just figured I might go for this deal since it's on.

Also as a side note, is it generally a good idea to upgrade cooling when you increase power usage in your PC? I was thinking of getting a couple more fans anyway since I have mine clocked quite fast and while I'm used to the hum it bothers my mates :p