Bloodborne: The Old Hunters discussion (Spoilers! Spoilers everywhere!)

Sleepy Sol

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Feb 15, 2011
So yeah. You folks seem to have had a chronic lack of any topics for discussing The Old Hunters since its release last week. Thought I'd go ahead and get the ball rolling at least a little bit on that, considering how enjoyable the DLC has been along with my second playthrough of Bloodborne to prepare for it.

I'd say there really are a lot of things to talk about and muse over with this content, such as new weapons (a pleasantly substantial amount of new ones) general difficulty, bosses, what impact The Old Hunters has on the overall story of Bloodborne, level and world design, and so on. So I'm kind of looking for alternate perspectives on how much you have or haven't enjoyed playing The Old Hunters recently, or whatever moments you've experienced while playing that you find to be worthy of mentioning.

I would very much appreciate that if we want to delve into story or even boss content, that we keep the spoiler tags handy, for those who have interest in playing The Old Hunters eventually but may not have already bought/played it.

So, all warnings hopefully considered, here's a few (read: a lot) of my overall thoughts.

Without a doubt, I'd have to say that some of my most enjoyable experiences of The Old Hunters have come from the sheer weapon variety that I didn't expect to see in a DLC. Every new weapon option that I've taken the time to mess with feels fleshed out in some way that makes each one feel quite unique, whether the feeling came from the design of the weapon itself, or its moveset, or both (to me personally) with a weapon such as the Amygdalan Arm, which functions as a blunt bludgeon, a sweeping scythe, and, of course, a Lovecraftian cosmic horror being's fucking arm that you've decided to wield because you're probably just a little bit cuckoo.

I've also gotten ridiculous amounts of use out of the Beast Cutter, which can function as a surprisingly long-range safe option for characters who didn't typically have such options before. Of course, such safety is balanced with pretty slow animations that you take quite a while to recover from should you miss (a turn of events which will likely result in you getting diced to bits).

All in all, many weapons added in The Old Hunters seem quite fun while also exhibiting clear disadvantages you will have to adapt to. Much like a number of weapons in the base game, but essentially, From keeps doing what they were already doing in terms of weapon design, and I mean that in the best way possible. While also making those weapons more interesting in a general sense.
Certainly wouldn't be a From Souls-style game without some semblance of difficulty. And dear baby Jesus, did they make some of the bosses a pain in the ass to fight. The areas definitely feel more difficult to adjust to than anything in the base game, but not overwhelmingly so. Unless you play on NG+7 or something (I must ask,"Dear God, why?").

Speaking for specific bosses:

Ludwig: It sure was nice to see the horrible monstrosity that Ludwig, one of the Healing Church's most revered hunters, became under the influence of the Hunter's Nightmare. By which I mean quite saddening and heavily revolting, like you come to expect from Bloodborne if you've played it before. Even with that said, nothing else in the game really comes close to how disturbing Ludwig's boss room just feelsto me, save Yhar'gul and The One Reborn. Mechanically, a very difficult fight which does seem to frustrate many players, but definitely not an insurmountable challenge. And his second phase is a great callback to a staple weapon of Souls games. Being able to talk to his disembodied head afterwards is a nice touch. What is not so nice is that you walk a line between expressing honesty in telling that his Church hunters certainly have not followed a noble path since his passing, and lying in saying that they did, allowing him a final peace and release from his beastly prison. Not a game-affecting decision in any capacity, but it resulted in a surprising emotional impact for me.

Living Failures - honestly pretty disappointing mechanically (ease of difficulty, lack of attack variety), but a nice conclusion to the absolute horror of the Healing Church research laboratory. Perhaps showing a possible result of what some patients in the laboratory would eventually become. Likely precursors to any successful conversion of a human to a Kin able to communicate with Great Ones. Of course,the name does kind of give that away wholesale. Overall, a meh boss.

Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower - Like any other "hunter" boss in the game: exceedingly fun, though not particularly difficult. She definitely adds some very tangible elements to Bloodborne's murky lore, the most obvious being the Plain Doll's extreme resemblance. Regardless of difficulty, her fight works very well as a "cinematic" boss of sorts (difficult to describe, not sure how else I would put it into words). She is certainly no pushover, but not a particularly harrowing boss.

Orphan of Kos - fuck this boss. He goes hard, you will get no breaks, and without exceeding attention and a decent bit of luck, it may take a while before you make progress at all. COOL DESIGN THOUGH GJ FROMSOFT. Also the boss of one of the best areas in the game, though it is basically just Innsmouth with maybe a Junji Ito reference sprinkled on the end.

Laurence - Cool boss in some ways, pretty lame in others. A bit of disappointment stems from the reused Cleric Beast model, but he does have several attacks unique to him, many more so in his second phase. Much more interesting in terms of what role he plays in the story and within the Hunter's Nightmare - the item used to access this fight is Laurence's human skull. A fragment of the humanity he can never grasp again given his seemingly eternal residence in the Nightmare. Not to mention the whole being very dead on our character's plane of reality thing. Like Maria and Ludwig, very expositional fight in a game that very often lacks heavily expositional fights. Unlike them, kind of uninspired and a little bland mechanically. Laurence is meh, but he is a degree of meh above the meh of the Living Failures.
A lot of them came from bosses in some way: how Nightmares in Bloodborne may work; explicit character details; the nature of older generations of hunters. I definitely would say that it makes a meaningful contribution to the overall lore provided one's willingness to put the pieces together. Though, yes, some things are left cryptic in typical From fashion.

I probably got a little out of hand with this goddamn short essay on my perceived merits of The Old Hunters, but my main point is really that I feel I got more than my money's worth. The most negative thing I can say about it is that it feels too short in gameplay time, but that probably comes from having experience and being rather quick about finishing areas.

So what are some thoughts you guys have had?

Sniper Team 4

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Apr 28, 2010
I can't get past the first boss to be honest. Spent two hours last night trying to do it, and just can't. I'm not high enough level it seems. Guy stomps me in one to two hits, and he's so fast. I've tried summoning people, but they all went down fast and then he jumps me and blah. Dead.

However, it is nice to have a reason to jump back into the game. I've found a good chunk of the new weapons (honestly, I think I'm only missing the Moonlight Greatsword and the bow sword) and it's interesting to see this place and read the item descriptions. Sadly, I can offer no further insight into anything, as I haven't gotten very far yet.


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Oct 2, 2008
Sniper Team 4 said:
I've found a good chunk of the new weapons (honestly, I think I'm only missing the Moonlight Greatsword and the bow sword) and it's interesting to see this place and read the item descriptions. Sadly, I can offer no further insight into anything, as I haven't gotten very far yet.
If you have not gotten past the first boss then you are missing 6/11 Right handed weapons and 3/5 Left handed weapons at the very least. As those all require you going to places past Ludwig.

[Kira Must Die]

Sep 30, 2009
I haven't beaten the final boss yet, or Laurence, but I'm loving it so far, and it reminds me why Bloodborne is my GOTY and one of my new favorite games. The DLC also surprised me, as it was bigger than I initially thought it was gonna be.

I've already found all the weapons (with the exception of the one the final boss drops) and hunter tools. Of those I use the Moonlight Greatsword a lot, as my previous weapon was Ledwig's Holly Sword, so this is basically the second form of that but one handed and slightly faster. Although admitting, my arcane stat is pretty low (at least compared to my other stats,) so I never found much use in it's second form.


Jan 4, 2010
United States
I finished it yesterday and really enjoyed it!

Personally, I had more difficulty with Maria than any of the other bosses. I think Ludwig took three tries and Orphan took around four. Maria was at least six. Poor Lawrence, I beat him first try!

Unfortunately the character I went through the DLC with is a Bloodtinge/Skill katana build so I couldn't make use of most of the DLC weapons. I can use the bow effectively, but the katana's damage puts it to shame :(

Started a new character last night (blitzed through Cleric Beast, Daddy G, Bloodstarved Beast, Praal and Vikar) and am going for an Arcane/Strength build so I can use Moonlight Greatsword (currently using Ludwig's Greatsword). Unfortunately it'll be awhile until I am strong enough to beat Ludwig.

Maria's outfit might be my new go-to female Hunter clothes. Super classy duds.


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Mar 1, 2014
I died once against the first boss as I didn't get behind in time so he one shot me (well it's several hits but when you're hit by one you eat the rest). The rest of the bosses were pretty easier and I didn't even have to refill my healing items for the third boss that comes right after the second. I used two AI summons against Ludwig and 1 against the first Vicar.

All in all I think it was a good DLC.

Weapons/Armour: A much larger amount than I would have expected, some good pieces of kit too. Will definitely be using one of them for the next DLC (if there is one). Though I doubt anything is ever going to beat the trusty Ludwig for me.

Bosses: Expected 3 so 5 of which one is "optional" if you see the guy that gets you "Nightmare Slain" as the end point is pretty pretty good. Second boss was poor but the rest were good even if the 5th is a reskined boss from the original game.

Enemies: A couple of new enemy types and giving the very barely featured blood bugs a prominent spot at the beginning is good. The big dudes at the end were the only thing I found troublesome in the game as those dives of theirs are very dangerous and they have tons of health.

Stages: Beginning uses a lot of reused stuff from the original game. There are differences of course with rubble and such being littered around and there is a story reason for it, but nevertheless. The second and third zone I believe are entirely new but I could be wrong.

Characters: Seeing what happened to the first and fifth boss was pretty good. Third boss just randomly fights you though I suppose it could just be "protecting the secret". The guy you can actually talk to was disappointing as I was never able to find him anywhere beyond his opening spot and his death spot. First guy in prison just... bangs his head on the wall and has nothing to him. Second guy invading you and such is nice.


Were it so easy
Oct 2, 2008
Rozalia1 said:
The guy you can actually talk to was disappointing as I was never able to find him anywhere beyond his opening spot and his death spot.
There may be more but he appears at Ludwig's head after you defeat him as well as the Lantern for the Research Hall. I am not sure what triggers these, but going back to those places after having at least gone to the Hunters Dream did have him end up there for me.