Borderlands 2's Handsome Jack Gets Revenge In Live-Action Fan Film


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Aug 18, 2012
Borderlands 2's Handsome Jack Gets Revenge In Live-Action Fan Film

Turns out, it's hard to kill someone on a planet covered with New-U stations.

Hopefully it's not a huge spoiler that at the end of Borderlands 2 the vault hunters kill the charismatic Handsome Jack, which is both good and bad. Good, because he was a scumbag, and bad, because he was a scumbag that you loved. Now, a group of fans are bringing Jack back for a full live-action movie.

Jack's Exodus is headed by Anthony Pietromonaco, who both writes and directs. As the trailer shows, it starts with Jack respawning at one of Pandora's many New-U stations, conveniently owned by his corporation, Hyperion. From there, he has to return to the Hyperion Satellite before they decide to elect a new president. But as this is Pandora, he's not only hounded by Psychos, but also a ninja, assassin, vault hunter, robot... guy (affectionately known as Zero).

The costumes and set pieces actually look pretty impressive, even if the brief shot of the special effects don't exactly amaze. It should be interesting to see how something as stylized and action-oriented as Borderlands does on the silver screen with live actors. Previously, Pietromonaco did the live-action Last of Us film [a href=]What Remains[/a], which should give you an idea of what he's capable of doing. Personally, I hope it ends with Jack riding off into a nuclear sunset on his majestic diamond pony, Buttstalion.

The full film will premiere at the [a href=]Games on Film[/a] festival on January 3rd, and appear on Machinima afterwards.

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