Borderlands Accidentally Censored in Australia


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Jan 19, 2009
As others have pointed out: Where the hell have you been all this time traceur?

The Australian government and their love of censorship is growing. It is going to be a massive problem as all proposed plans will chokes our Internet infrastructure, all the while weakens our ability to access free flowing information and this isn't just computer games. People are already saying 'enough is enough' but we have no choice in this matter as both sides of our duel party system* are in favor of censorship.

Hell, to this date no one really knows just what was on that list of banned websites the government proposed. You know, the one which was considered a crime to divulge to the public as it is classified information. What little was leaked had nothing to do with preventing 'questionable material' but more with banning sites the government doesn't want us to look at... such as news sites that don't paint Australia in the best of lights. It is down right scary what they wanted to ban and that leak was a fraction of the whole list!

So yes censorships is very much something Australia is dealing with right now. Be it computer games, porn magazines (it is illegal to buy porn** in Queensland, a state larger then most countries) or web sites critical of the government. We are facing plans to expand on the governmental control of all electronic media. They ARE censoring us right now and ARE working towards censuring us even further in the future. Wasting millions of our dollars to do it too, which is just a kick in the balls right there.

That isn't even touching heavily on computer games, as anyone who has been here as long as you have been should of seen the gazillion articles on Australia banning computer games, via the loophole that makes unclassified games illegal in Australia. Oh, on that note, to the person who asked the question: Yes, games like TF2 are ILLEGAL in Australia because Valve hasn't applied for a rating under Australian law, no online game has because it is imposable to rate human interaction, particularly the dickory we find when a person can hide behind a screen name. Only reason why Valve and the likes are not fined, or imprisoned as that is a punishment, is because the police are not enforcing the law.

I say again, the law is already on the books. The only reason WOW won't vanish off the face of Australia is because the police refuse to charge them.


Saying that the company made a low violence version, just in case countries like Australia banned the high violence version, is NOT that far fetched is it? That someone had set it up to download the low violence version showed how strongly the company itself thought it's game would be banned without this option. It was obviously surprise for them when it wasn't, enough of a one they didn't get the system sorted out till after the complaints started to roll in.

The real story here was that the board, seeing all decisions are not done by a lone person after all, considers this level of violence to be acceptable. Clearly less worrisome then nudity, which alone can get a game banned outright down here. That isn't news though, for some reason a womans 'naughty bits' have always scared the pro-censorship crowd more then violence.

Gynephobia maybe?

*You can have a system where you can, in theory, elect a third party but when the system is designed so only the two biggest parties have a chance your looking at a two party system. I say again, the system is made so no one but Labour or Liberal (both named after irony) has a chance of ANY seats in parliament. Both parties know this, which is why they only differ on a few, minor, details. Both love the idea of controlling the flow of information.

**What classifies as 'porn' here uses a loophole that allows 'artistic expression of the nude form.' As long as there are not pink bits, which I think are the best bits, then it can be sold as 'art' and not porn. This means the vast majority of magazines are sold for... ironically... the articles cause you can only look at so many photo-shopped tits before they all look the same.

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Nov 4, 2008
That's not irony, btw. It's fittingly coincidental, perhaps even a self-fulfilling prophecy, but not irony.

Irony is the opposite of what you expect to happen. If the US version got censored, and ours didn't, THAT would be irony.