Burnt - Bradley Cooper Cooking Drama is Overcooked, Lacks Spice


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Oct 27, 2009
Burnt - Bradley Cooper Cooking Drama is Overcooked, Lacks Spice

Burnt sees Bradley Cooper be a jerk to everyone, all in the pursuit of perfection. Is that the best way to accomplish this goal? Burnt might think so.

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Jul 10, 2013
So... Should I just watch Ratatouille and/or Chef, instead?
Caramel Frappe said:
Off topic (sort of) but why is the protagonist of this movie so overly attractive for? Now you might be wondering as to why i've asked such a question ... well, if the dude in the movie took drugs / smoked / drinked heavily then why exactly is the protagonist looking like he was in tip top shape? Shouldn't the dude have some, I don't know ... unhealthy features present? I dislike it when movies don't give characters the features that a real life person would have if they dosed themselves on such illegal substances, especially if they did it long enough to conflict their health and stability.
I'm going to assume that the "Ramsay-wannabe" went through a magical detox clinic that 100% cleaned him up to look as attractive as he should be at the apparent age he's suppose to be in this movie... and the only way you could "tell" he used to do drugs and shit is through his aggressive attitude and use of insulting language... :p
Also forced romance. No thanks, i'll pass on this movie (2 stars anyways, would save me the time). Thanks for the review Marter.
I guess you say that the forced romance... wasn't suppose to be on the menu this time...
Yeah... That was just terrible...


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Apr 13, 2008
is a consequence-free environment in which being a jerk is perfectly acceptable as long as you have a modicum of talent
So it's basically a movie about real life? I'll pass.


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Aug 5, 2009
When a page on this site has a photo gallery in it, why does is always jump straight to the gallery instead of staying at the top of the page? How do I turn that off?

captcha: cutting edge
Only one of those in this movie is on a kitchen knife. Hey-yo!