Buying a Kinect Sensor Separate from Xbox One Costs You $150

Something Amyss

Aswyng and Amyss
Dec 3, 2008
roseofbattle said:
The cheaper price helped to double sales of the console in the U.S. [], competing with Sony's PS4 at $400.
As was noted previously, the number is double the previous month, where sales were down. It's more than likely the "doubling" effect came from people waiting to buy afterwards, not a significant increase in demand. Barring, of course, something new not covered in the linked article.

Glaice said:
I don't get why they would charge $50 more on this piece of hardware..
It's more likely that they're charging fifty bucks extra on the Xbone. Remember, the Kinect was a significant portion of the Bone's cost.

Kinitawowi said:
On the other hand, not buying a Kinect saves you £100.
Not buying it leaves me where I already was. Although, I suppose that makes me somewhat happier.


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Oct 9, 2010
I guess MS still isn't giving up on the kinect. The only reason I can think of for them charging $50 extra is to get people to the the XbOne and kinect bundle is a better deal. However, those who want a kinect will just buy the bundle and those who don't will just buy the standalone console. No one is really going to buy the kinect separate.


Turtle king
Apr 7, 2012
Microsoft has really really ruined this technology for everyone. I mean their miss handling of this and complete failure to present this in a way that anyone could possibly want is completely their fault on a number of levels and the perception of this current attempt at releasing this hardware is just another fine example of that. I understand the pricing actually, and they probably need to sell it at this price based on projected cost and sales, but on the other hand I completely understand how people are going to feel ripped off, because they created this aura around themselves, where all people think of when they see the name Microsoft is "how is this company gonna try to pinch every penny out of me and tell me its for my own good." or "we have to screw you because you ungrateful troglodytes didn't give us a choice."

I suspect one day this product will lay the groundwork for the technology of the future, but I wish Microsoft would re-evaluate it's strategy so that we can stop looking at them like they're trying to set us on fire.


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Apr 20, 2014
Hard to believe the only reason I bought a 360 was the Limited Edition Star Wars model. It came with a Kinect and I haven't even unwrapped it yet. So yeah I have a Kinect that hasn't been used in 2 years. I bet Microsoft never thought that would happen.


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Nov 4, 2008
Regardless of their reasons, makes sense:

Option A (No Kinect) = What you want, reasonable price
Option B (Kinect Only) = Overpriced, probably wouldn't get it so don't care.
Option C (+ Kinect) = Expensive, but a better deal than A or B individually.

Standard marketing ploy, make C look like a sweet deal, even if the only thing making it a deal is something people wouldn't have otherwise purchased in the first place. Tends to work well.


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May 28, 2011
I would buy kinect if they paid me 150. wait, you mean they want me to pay? why would i pay to haul trash into my house?


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Feb 24, 2011
"Choices for consumers, best thing for Xbox, and we gon' win this generation, etc"

-Phil Spencer

Blaze the Dragon

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Jan 8, 2010
If nobody wanted the damned thing for $100, why would people want it for $150?!

I kinda get that they probably want to make the bundle look like a deal, but you can't do that retroactively like this. If people didn't want it before, how is learning that they could sell it for far more going convince people to buy the 'bundle?'

Yeah, it's times like these why I remember doubting that there will be another console from microsoft after this.